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Payal Ghosh: Anurag Kashyap Raped Me

Payal Ghosh went on to social media to once again slam Anurag Kashyap. This time she even opened up about having a relationship with Irrfan Pathan. Not just that, she even spoke of Gautam Gambhir and Akshay Kumar.

Payal Ghosh, Anurag Kashyap

Payal Ghosh is once again in the news. She has once again made some sensational claims on social media, and it is rocking everyone everywhere. Talking to X (formerly Twitter), she has claimed that she dated Irfan Pathan for over 5 years. Also, Gautam Gambhir used to give her a lot of missed calls. Lastly, she once again slammed Anurag Kashyap and wrote that he had raped her.

The entire trail of posts began with her talking about Mohammad Shami. Reverting to a troll comment, she wrote, “Areee bhai Maine ek mazak mein tweet kiya tha.. mujhe koi shami wami se shaadi nahi karni, mujhe normal lafla chalega lekin loyal wala … aur yeh bhi sun lo I dated Irfan Pathan for 5 years .. phir sab khatam ho Gaya… I won’t trust anybody so easily.. OK..!! (sic).”

The next instant she went on to talk about Gautam Gambir and Akshay Kumar. It was here she mentioned about Irfan Pathan. “Mere pichhhe #gautamgambhir #AkshayKumar sab pade hue the lekin main pyar sırf İrfan Pathan se karti thi, mujhe uske ilaba koi aur dikhta hi nahi tha aur main İrfan ko sab ke ware bolti bhi thi, sab ka miscal dikhati bhi thi… Maine BAs Irfan se pyar kiya aur kisise bhi nahi …!!! (sic).”

When another troll asked her, she went on to clarify, “Irfan mera boyfriend pehle tha .. we were dating since 2011 Aur isme shaadi 2016 mein kiya …. So shut the fuck up (sic).”

She went on to further add, “Lekin ek baat aur bhi hai …. #anuragkashyap raped me lekin Aur koi matlab #AkshayKumar ki jooti bhi nahi hai Anurag… but Akshay kumar ne mere saath koi badtameezi nahi ki, itna bada star hai … I will always respect him for that 💖(sic).”

“Gautam Gambhir mujhe regularly miscall dete the , yeh Irfan ko bohot achhi ta rah pata tha , woh mera sab calls check karta tha .. woh yeh baat mere Samna Yusuf bhai, Hardik Aur Krunal Pandya ko bhi bataya tha jab main irfan ko Pune mein Milne gayi thi.. Domestic match tha Baroda ka ☺️(sic),” she further added.

Soon afterwards, she went on to even tag Irrfan Pathan and ask him to comment on the same trail, so as to verify her claims. “Areee @IrfanPathan kab tak muh pe dahi jamake rakhoge… kabhi toh mere kaam aao, (sic),” she wrote.

Payal Ghosh then shared a throwback picture with Irfan Pathan. With the picture, she wrote, “After we broke up … I fell ill .. I couldn’t work for years… but he was the only guy whom I loved… after that I never loved anybody 🥲 (sic).”

Post this Payal Ghosh went on to slam a lot many other trolls who kept questioning her for bringing her ex-boyfriend now in conversation after so many years.

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