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‘The Graham Norton Show’: Moments Which Make Season 30 A Must Watch

From some big names on the guest list to all the wit and humour, here are some of the moments to look forward to from the 30th season of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ streaming on Lionsgate Play.

Graham Norton

After a lot of speculations about its return, the most iconic talk show is back. Known for getting his guests soused and silly for his eponymous chat show, Graham Norton, returns to the screen with the 30th season of the blockbuster show, ‘The Graham Norton Show’. With a hefty dose of classic British humour, inside gossip, and some tea being spilt, the longest-running chat show is a master class in celebrity pairings and the big red chair high jinks. The show premiered in India on Lionsgate Play with weekly drops of episodes. Fans of the show are set to experience the new season with double the entertainment.

As we head into his 30th season, here are some of the moments to look forward to from the new season of The Graham Norton Show:

The Coveted List Of Guests

Among the stellar guests line up is Oscar-winning star of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek, promoting his new comedy mystery film Amsterdam, Hollywood scream-queen Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lydia West, known for their acclaimed drama It's a Sin; and pop superstar Robbie Williams performing his new single Lost, will be seen on the show!

What’s The Cheeky Controversial Reveal?

After having some of the most high-profile Hollywood stars on the show, you would think Graham would have run out of material by now. However, with his cracker of a research team, Graham has managed to mine some of the best celebrity anecdotes that these stars have hidden in their back pocket. His calm demeanour always makes his guests feel at ease, leading to some great revelations. From George Clooney’s Comic-Con Honeymoon to Carrie Fisher giving spoilers for Star Wars, what will be the cheeky revelations this year? Keep guessing!

Graham Norton’s Sassy Monologue

Known for his tongue-in-cheek humour, Graham keeps the atmosphere light and whimsical. He begins his shows with short, timely monologues about what’s happening around the world, with a particular focus on the UK. Graham’s musing opening sets the show's mood just right, and we can’t wait to see what/ who his target subject would be.

Will The High Jinks Of The Big Red Chair Continue?

The most fun and entertaining part of the show is the Big Red Chair, a special segment that invites audience members to wow the panel of judges (read: guests on the couch) with their most memorable moments. From the botched baby, and gender reveal to how Ed Sheeran found his best mate from primary school, the stories you will hear on the chair are a mixed bag that will make you roll over and laugh or shed a tear or two. This segment has become a fan favourite as guests can’t wait to pull the lever on the person in the chair.

Kardashians To Make It To The Big Sofa?

With all the glitz and the glamour, the Kardashians have never made it to ‘The Graham Norton Show’ as yet. Their appearances on other celebrity talk shows have made the buzz for times unknown. This season of ‘The Graham Norton Show’, we may see the sisters taking their seats on the couch to dish on their life and love.