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‘Bigg Boss 16’: 5 Times Tina Datta Showed Her Caring Side In The ‘BB’ House

‘Bigg Boss 16’ is getting murkier by the day. However, there is one contestant who has been constantly winning the hearts of audiences and that’s none other than Tina Datta. Here’s taking a look at some times when she showed her caring side to others.

Tina Datta

Tina Datta is constantly topping the headlines since she entered ‘Bigg Boss 16’. The actress has received lots of appreciation for her fashion, style, humorous side, comebacks, wit, styled approach and bold stands. She has been consistent with her opinions and always stuck to them. She is someone whose friendly and caring personality too has gotten a highlight in the show. And even after having gotten backstabbed by her friends and slammed by co-contestants, Datta stood by them when they had been in a descending situation.

Scanning the episodes, we’ve curated 5 times when Tina Datta stood out in the BB house because of her caring side. And how she stood for them! Here’s what we’ve observed…

Nimrit’s Emotional Breakdown

When Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia had a verbal spat with Shalin Bhanot, the actress had a huge emotional breakdown. Tina, who was not on talking terms with Ahluwalia during that time, forgot all the differences and stood with her. She told Abdu that even though she isn’t talking to Nimrit at the moment, she still cares for her. And hence wanted to make sure she was fine.

Archana’s Deteriorating Health Conditions

A few days ago, Archana had a massive fight with Priyanka and her health conditions were deteriorating. She even vomited on her bed. In spite of all the issues and arguments, Tina went to look after Archana and gave her water too. She was beside her throughout and made sure she was ok.

Soundarya-Gautam’s Relationship In Question

On a weekend when Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship was questioned and they received a lot of flak for the same, Sharma had her emotional moment, and even though Tina didn’t have good terms with her, she went to check on him. Tina also said how she had warned her about this before!

The Urge Of MC Stan To Meet His Girlfriend

Last weekend, Stan wanted to quit the show. Salman was explaining to him where Tina spoke in favour of Stan and requested that a photo frame of his girlfriend, Buba would be enough for him to stay in the house. She considered him a friend and understood what exactly could make his day!

Cooking For Shalin Bhanot

Right after Tina’s reentry her dynamics with Shalin Bhanot completely changed. She has been distancing herself from him. Yet, when Archana refused to cook for him, Tina went ahead and took that duty. She was even seen cooking for him in the LIVE feeds. And Tina has also been vocal about this… She has mentioned that she isn’t talking to him like before but feeding someone is a different thing.

Tina Datta has been battling her friendships in the house. She has been hurt by both her close friends in the house, and with the changing dynamics, it would be interesting to see her game ahead.