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WWE Wrestlemania XL: Five Best Moments From ‘The Bloodline’ Storyline

With the WWE Wrestlemania XL nearing, we take a look at the top five moments of the Bloodline faction

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WWE has revolved around the Bloodline faction since the group was formed in mid 2021. Since then it has went on to destroy opponent and has established itself as one of the most powerful factions in the history of WWE. Boasting of formidable names of Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and led by the 'Tribal Chief' Roman Reigns, the group's strength was further bolstered earlier this year when The Rock joined it. (More Sports News)

With the WWE Wrestlemania XL dates looming, we take a look at the top five moments of the Bloodline faction

Solo Sikoa Debuts

The WWE universe was left amazed when Solo Sikoa appeared for the first time to help Roman Reigns retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle 2022 to deny Drew McIntyre the title.

The high profile debut meant the Bloodline would become further strong as Sikoa, the younger brother of The Usos, would add an NXT title and take the total number of championships with the group to five at that point.

Roman Pinned!

Another moment that left the WWE universe in disbelief came at The Money in the Bank 2023. The Tribal Chief had not been pinned since December 2019 but his streak was about to end.

After The Usos broke away from the Bloodline, they were up against Reigns and Sikola at the marquee event. An intriguing back and forth ensued and ultimately, Jey Uso, the man who first began this feud, finally pinned Reigns to gain a sweet victory.

Beginning Of The End

At the Wreslemania 39, the main event of the first day was a tag team match between The Usos and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

In a moment of brilliane, the Zayn and Owens duo ended the reign of The Usos by winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship on the big night. This loss was the first major blow to the Bloodline and has been seen as the beginning of the downfall of the group

Zayn Breaks Away

One of the biggest pops in recent memory came after Sami Zayn slapped a chair against Roman Reigns' back at the Royal Rumble of 2023. The crowd went crazy as Zayn turned face for the first time since 2017 and finally broke away from the faction.

Rock Joins Bloodline

The latest addition to the Bloodline is unarguably the biggest since its inception. The Rock is now a member of the faction and has turned heel after a long time. He has already announced that Cody Rhodes, Reigns' opponenent at Wrestlemania XL, will come out of the event as a loser.

Now that he has joined the Bloodline it remains to be seen what he will be doing at the Wrestlemania.

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