IND-W Vs ENG-W, 1st T20I: England Women Win By 38 Runs; INDW - 159/6 (20 Overs), ENGW - 197/6 (20) - As It Happened

The England Women's National Team won the first T20I match of a three-match series by 38 runs against India Women at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Catch the highlights of the 1st IND-W Vs ENG-W T20 match here

Harmanpreet Kaur

India Women tried hard to chase down the target of 198 runs. Shafali Verma fought like a lone warrior and hit 52 runs off 42 balls. Captain Harmanpreet Kaur (26), Richa Ghosh (21), and others couldn't save the match. Regular falling of wickets was one of the major reasons for the loss. It was the day for Sophie Ecclestone who picked three wickets by just giving 15 runs in four overs. Other bowlers also played their role in taking England Women to win the match by 38 runs. (Cricket News)

That's all from our side!

Nat Sciver-Brunt | Player of the Match: Really happy. Great to be back with the England girls and give a performance like that. We wanted to stand up and be brave in our approach, Danni did that very well and took the pressure off me, really pleased with how the partnership went. We have different strengths and we work together well as a partnership and really pleasing and happy for her as well. The wicket was pretty good, it was holding a touch for the spinners and the slower balls were quite effective which made it slightly difficult for the batters.

Danni Wyatt: The pitch was a bit tricky but Nat was so calm, think we did very well with the bat. There was a bit of nerves up top. I told Nat we could take it slow and pick it up later. We just thought about hitting the stumps and bowling our variations. We had a good two weeks in Oman, we worked really hard there. Similar conditions to here. Looking forward to getting back out here on Saturday.

10:29 PM: Captain's Speak (Post-match)

Heather: It was a good game. It's the way we want to approach the game, India are a good side and we wanted to put the pressure from the onset. I would have bowled first but really pleased with the way we batted and that score. A lot of extras we conceded, we could improve on that.

Harmanpreet: They will learn quickly and we need these kinda games so that we can learn from our mistakes before the T20 World Cup. We know they have good batters and we had a few changes in our bowling department and we will come back stronger. We were not upto the mark and we need to discuss positives and come up with a positive attitude in the next game. After losing a couple of wickets, we had control over the game but the last 10 overs didn't quite go to plan.

10:13 PM: ENGW Win By 38 Runs, INDW - 159/6 (20)

Lauren Bell gave just seven runs in the final over. Pooja Vastrakar hit a boundary on the last bowl. India lost the match by 38 runs.

10:08 PM: INDW - 152/6 (19)

Sophie Ecclestone completed her terrific spell by dismissing Kanika Ahuja (15). Just one run from the over. Deepti Sharma walked in to join Pooja Vastrakar on the crease.

10:04 PM: INDW - 151/5 (18)

A big over for India came from the final spell of Nat Sciver-Brunt. Pooja Vastrakar hit a boundary. A total of 11 runs were added to the scoreboard.


10:00 PM: INDW - 140/5 (17)

Sophie Ecclestone picked the wicket of Shafali Verma (52). Pooja Vastrakar joined Kanika Ahuja on the crease. Ahuja hit a boundary and a total of seven runs came for India Women.

9:56 PM: INDW - 133/4 (16)

Lauren Bell came into the attack with her third over. Four runs came from the wide delivery. India Women added a total of nine runs to the scoreboard from this over.

9:51 PM: INDW - 124/4 (15)

Sarah Glenn picked the Richa Ghosh (21) in her final over of the spell. She gave just five runs from the over. Her spell was economic overall for England Women.

9:46 PM: INDW - 119/3 (14)

Nat Sciver-Brunt came into the attack. She gave only nine runs from the over including a couple of singles and a doubles.

9:42 PM: INDW - 110/3 (13)

Lauren Bell came into the attack with her second over. Shafali Verma hit two boundaries. India Women added a total of 11 runs to the scoreboard.

9:38 PM: INDW - 99/3 (12)

Another big over for India as 12 runs came from the over of Sarah Glenn. Richa Ghosh welcomed Glenn by hitting a beautiful boundary on the first bowl and a maximum of 79 meters before the over came to an end.

9:34 PM: INDW - 87/3 (11)

Sophie Ecclestone picked the wicket of dangerous-looking Harmanpreet Kaur (26). Richa Ghosh has walked in to join Shafali Verma on the crease. Boundary came for Verma on the last delivery. A total of five runs from the over. 

9:30 PM: INDW - 82/2 (10)


Sarah Glenn came into attack and it was going a fine over for her until a wide four on the fifth ball came. India Women added 6 runs from this over.

9:26 PM: INDW - 76/2 (9)

Freya Kemp came to bowl her second over. Harmanpreet Kaur heavily came down on Kemp as she hit two boundaries and a six. A big over that was India looking for as a total of 18 runs were added to the scoreboard.

9:21 PM: INDW - 58/2 (8)

Another bowler Sarah Glenn was brought into the attack. India batters could merely add three runs from the over.

9:17 PM: INDW - 55/2 (7)

Sophie Ecclestone came to bowl her first over. It was an economic over as only two runs came from it. 

9:13 PM: INDW - 53/2 (6)

Freya Kemp came into the attack and picked the wicket of Jemimah Rodrigues (4) on the first delivery. Shafali Verma and Harmanpreet Kaur hit one boundary each and scored 12 runs from the over.

9:09 PM: INDW - 41/1 (5)

Nat Sciver-Brunt came to bowl her second over. Shafali Verma hit three boundaries. A good over for India as 13 runs were added to the scoreboard.

9:04 PM: INDW - 28/1 (4)

Mahika Gaur came into the attack with her second over. Shafali Verma hit a boundary and a total of six runs came in this over.

9:00 PM: INDW - 22/1 (3)

Nat Sciver-Brunt came to bowl her first over. She dismissed Smriti Mandhana (6) on her second ball. India's batters could add only two runs from the over. 


8:55 PM: INDW - 20/0 (2)

Lauren Bell came into the attack. Two wides and a couple of singles came in for the batter.  A total of eight runs were added from this over to the scoreboard.

8:50 PM: INDW - 12/0 (1)

Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana came to open for India Women. Mahika Gaur came for the first over. Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana hit a boundary each. A total of 12 runs from the over.

8:36 PM: Innings Break!

What a brilliant gameplay by England Women. They scored a total of 197 runs by losing six wickets. Danielle Wyatt (75) and Nat Sciver-Brunt (77) innings played aggressively. Amy Jones scored 23 runs off 9 balls before she got out on the last bowl. Renuka Thakur Singh took three wickets by giving 27 runs. Shreyanka Patil picked up two wickets by giving 44 runs. Other bowlers proved costly. All eyes are now on India Women to chase down the target.

8:35 PM: ENGW - 197/6 (20)

Shreyanka Patil's last over proved costly. Amy Jones (23) hit a six and two boundaries, however, got out on the last ball. They set a huge target for India Women.

8:29 PM: ENGW - 181/5 (19)

Renuka Thakur Singh came for her final spell and picked up her third wicket by dismissing the set batter Nat Sciver-Brunt (77). Freya Kemp joined Amy Jones to finish strong.

8:24 PM: ENGW - 173/4 (18)

Shreyanka Patil came into the attack and dismissed Heather Knight (6) on the second delivery of the over. Amy Jones walked in to join Nat Sciver-Brunt on the crease.


8:20 PM: ENGW - 164/3 (17)

Pooja Vastrakar bowled her last over of the spell and proved the costliest for India Women so far. Heather Knight hit a boundary on the first delivery, while Nat Sciver-Brunt concluded the over by hitting three boundaries in a row. Both batters added 19 runs to the scorecard.

8:16 PM: ENGW - 145/3 (16)

Saika Ishaque was brought back to bowl her final over of the spell. She brilliantly picked up the wicket of dangerously looking Danielle Wyatt (75) and broke the partnership. New batter Heather Knight is on the crease.

8:12 PM: ENGW - 140/2 (15)

Deepti Sharma came into the attack with her third over. Danielle Wyatt looked unstoppable now, she hit a boundary. A total of eight runs from the over.

8:08 PM: ENGW - 132/2 (14)

Kanika Ahuja was brought into the attack to break the partnership but of no use. Danielle Wyatt played brilliantly by hitting two boundaries and added 12 runs from this over.

8:04 PM: ENGW - 120/2 (13)

Saika Ishaque came to bowl her third over. Both England batters Danielle Wyatt and Nat Sciver-Brunt hit one boundary each and added 11 runs to the scoreboard.

8:00 PM: ENGW - 109/2 (12)

Shreyanka Patil came into the attack with her second over. Danielle Wyatt scored her fifty by hitting a six. A total of 10 runs came from this over.

7:56 PM: ENGW - 99/2 (11)

Renuka Thakur Singh came back into attack with her third over. Nat Sciver-Brunt hit back-to-back boundaries. England scored 10 runs in this over.

7:50 PM: ENGW - 89/2 (10)

Shreyanka Patil came to bowl her first over. Danielle Wyatt hit a boundary. A total of nine runs came from this over for England Women.

7:45 PM: ENGW - 80/2 (9)

Deepti Sharma came into the attack. Danielle Wyatt hit a maximum on the last delivery. England scored a total of 11 runs from the over.

7:40 PM: ENGW - 69/2 (8)

Saika Ishaque's second over proved to be the costliest for India Women. Danielle Wyatt hit two boundaries, one on the no-ball. Both batters added 13 runs to the scoreboard.

7:36 PM: ENGW - 56/2 (7)

Pooja Vastrakar came to bowl again. Danielle Wyatt and Nat Sciver-Brunt hit one boundary each. England Women scored 12 runs from this over.

7:32 PM: ENGW - 44/2 (6)

Deepti Sharma came into the attack with her first over. Nat Sciver-Brunt hit boundaries on the first and last delivery of the over. It was a costly over for India Women as a total of 10 runs came from it.

7:28 PM: ENGW - 34/2 (5)

Pooja Vastrakar came for her second over. It was an economical over for India Women. Only six runs from the over including a boundary from Nat Sciver-Brunt.

7:23 PM: ENGW - 28/2 (4)

Saika Ishaque came into the attack with her first over. Danielle Wyatt took three runs off the first bowl and Nat Sciver-Brunt hit a boundary. A total of nine runs came for England Women from this over.

7:18 PM: ENGW - 19/2 (3)

Renuka Thakur Singh came to bowl her second over. Danielle Wyatt hit a boundary and a couple of singles and doubles came in the over. England Women added 10 runs from this over.

7:13 PM: ENGW - 9/2 (2)

Pooja Vastrakar came into attack for her first over. Both the England batters added a total of seven runs to the scoreboard.

7:08 PM: ENGW - 2/2 (1)

Renuka Thakur Singh picked up two back-to-back wickets, although she missed the hat-trick. Singh bowled out Sophia Dunkley (1) and Alice Capsey (0). Nat Sciver-Brunt joined Danielle Wyatt on the crease.

7:02 PM: Action Begins!

Danielle Wyatt and Sophia Dunkley come to open for England Women. Renuka Thakur Singh to go first over for India Women.

6:38 PM: Playing XI

India Women: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Deepti Sharma, Richa Ghosh(w), Shreyanka Patil, Kanika Ahuja, Pooja Vastrakar, Renuka Thakur Singh, Saika Ishaque

England Women: Danielle Wyatt, Sophia Dunkley, Alice Capsey, Nat Sciver-Brunt, Heather Knight(c), Amy Jones(w), Freya Kemp, Sophie Ecclestone, Sarah Glenn, Lauren Bell, Mahika Gaur

6:33 PM: Captain's Speak!

Heather Knight: We would’ve bowled first too. We had a couple of days to acclimatize. We’re looking to build on the things we’ve done in the past year. We did really well in the English summer earlier, showed a lot of intent. Hoping for a big crowd today and hoping to do well.

Harmanpreet Kaur: We’re going to bowl first. We want to put pressure on their batters because it’s the first game, sometimes it’s very difficult to know what a good score. Also our team is very confident in chasing. Shreyanka and Saika are playing their first games today. We just want to continue playing good cricket at Mumbai.

6:30 PM: Toss Update!

India Women won the toss and decided to field first.

6:10 PM: Head-To-Head!

England Women have dominated by winning 20 matches out of 27 T20I matches against India Women, who won only seven matches so far.

5:50 PM: Weather Update!

The weather in Mumbai is expected to be around 29°C with clear skies and almost no chance of rain.

5:30 PM: Preview!

Hello and welcome to the India Women vs England Women, 1st T20I from Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, England Women's Tour of India 2023, Match Blog. Five years have elapsed since India Women's National Team last beat England Women's National Team at home. The venue for their previous triumph was the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai, which stands just a few blocks away from the iconic Wankhede, where India and England will renew their rivalry for three T20Is, starting December 6. Follow all the live updates from the match here.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Smriti Mandhana (vc), Jemimah Rodrigues, Shafali Verma, Deepti Sharma, Yastika Bhatia (wk), Richa Ghosh (wk), Amanjot Kaur, Shreyanka Patil, Mannat Kashyap, Saika Ishaque, Renuka Singh Thakur, Titas Sadhu, Pooja Vastrakar, Kanika Ahuja, Minnu Mani.

England: Lauren Bell, Maia Bouchier, Alice Capsey, Charlie Dean, Sophia Dunkley, Sophie Ecclestone, Mahika Gaur, Danielle Gibson, Sarah Glenn, Bess Heath (wk), Amy Jones (wk), Freya Kemp, Heather Knight (c), Nat Sciver-Brunt, Danielle Wyatt.

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