Shraddha Walkar Murder: Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam Demands 'Love Jihad' Probe

Shraddha Walkar was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner Aaftab Amin Poonawala who chopped her body in 35 parts and disposed it over months.

Shraddha, the woman killed by his partner

Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Ram Kadam on Tuesday demanded a 'Love Jihad' investigation into the murder of Shraddha Walker. 

Shraddha, a resident of Delhi, was allegedly murdered in Delhi by her live-in partner Aaftab Amin Poonawala, who also chopped her body in 35 parts and disposed off the pieces across Delhi over several days. 

Since Shraddha and Aaftab were of different faiths, Kadam has raised the 'Love Jihad' angle, which is a term used by several Hindu organisations for the perceived notion that Muslim men enter into relationships with non-Muslim women, often Hindu women, with the only intention to convert them to Islam. 

Kadam on Tuesday said he will write a letter to the Delhi Police to seek a probe into the possible 'Love Jihad' angle. He and his supporters gathered in Ghatkopar area of Mumbai on Tuesday and raised slogans against Aaftab. They had also brought an effigy of Aaftab to mark their protest.

The Delhi Police on Tuesday took Aaftab to the jungle areas of South Delhi's Chhatarpur area where he had allegedly dumped Shraddha's body parts after killing her in May this year. 

What we know of Shraddha's murder

Shraddha reportedly met Aaftab in Mumbai and began a relationship. 

When Shraddha's family opposed the relationship, she and Aaftab moved to Delhi. 

In Delhi, Shraddha and Aaftab moved to their Chhatarpur Pahadi flat on May 15. Within days, Aaftab reportedly killed Shraddha after fights over her plans to get married. 

To dispose the body and get away with killing her, Aaftab turned to Dexter on Netflix and blood-removing techniques available on the internet. 

Aaftab stored the body parts in a 300-litre fridge and used incense sticks to overcome any stench. He also turned to the internet to learn how to clean blood-stains and what kind of chemicals should be used in cleaning and disposing the body and clothes.

Aaftab had meticulously planned which parts to dispose of first depending upon which part starts decomposing at the earliest, said officials to PTI.

According to police officials, 13 body parts were found after the accused pinpointed the areas in Delhi where he had thrown them, but only after their forensic examination, it can be confirmed if they belong to the victim.

The police are yet to find the murder weapon. 

After chopping the body in 35 parts, Aaftab used to leave home around 2 am for several days to throw body parts in Mehrauli forests. 

What did BJP MLA Kadam say?

Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam said, "I will write a letter to the Delhi Police requesting them to conduct a probe into the possibility of 'Love Jihad' behind the killing of Shraddha by Aaftab Poonawala. Are there any groups or gangs behind such an incident? Is an enemy state involved in it? It should be probed."

Kadam said Shraddha's murder should not be seen as a standalone case and that similar incidents have taken place earlier.

Kadam also extended his support to Shraddha's family.

(With PTI inputs)