Bhagwant Mann Warns AAP MLAs Against 'Recommending' Anyone, Says Target Is Vibrant Punjab

Bhagwant Mann said their target should be to turn Punjab prosperous once again, to make it 'Rangla' (vibrant) Punjab.

Punjab's CM Bhagwant Mann and AAP's Raghav Chadha

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday warned Aam Aadmi Party's MLAs against making any recommendation for any illegitimate work.

He said, “If you recommend for anybody, it means you are taking away somebody else's right.”

He addressed 91 AAP MLAs on Saturday. He said, "People have given us a very big mandate. We have to reach every nook and corner to resolve people's issues. We have to bring change in people's lives. Wherever there is a problem we have to go there. We should not see we got less number of votes from this village.”

Mann added that their government is also of those people who did not vote for them.

“People of all sections have voted for us, be it farmers, youths, traders, lawyers or government employees. Everyone came together to form the government of the Aam Aadmi Party. So listen to people without discrimination and solve their problems,” said Mann, flanked by AAP's Punjab co-incharge Raghav Chadha.

Mann asked the MLAs to be polite with everyone and not to use any objectionable language against anyone. He also cautioned them against indulging in any vendetta politics.

Without naming anyone, Mann said he has received some complaints in which objectionable language was used on social media.

Pointing out that the people have high expectations from them, the chief minister asked the MLAs to treat everyone with love and never misbehave with anyone.

He said his government will soon issue a notification and an advertisement for 25,000 government jobs within a month.
In the first decision of his first Cabinet meeting on Saturday, Mann had thrown open 25,000 jobs in various state government departments, including 10,000 in Police Department.

Mann said the performance of each MLA is surveyed in Delhi. In the 2020 Delhi Assembly elections, 22 sitting MLAs were denied tickets due to negative survey reports about them, he said.

He said in other rival parties like Congress and Akalis, tickets are guaranteed for some family or clan but it does not happen in the AAP.

Mann told the MLAs that if they want their seats to remain confirmed for the next time, they should work for the people in their respective constituencies.

He further pointed out that if any work was done in the wrong way, the party will get a report on the same.

“I am giving you a suggestion. I am not scaring you,” Mann told the MLAs.

He said they can meet ministers for any work for the people.

“The work should be legitimate. Do not make recommendations for any wrong work,” he told the MLAs.

He further said the portfolio of newly-appointed ministers will be announced soon.

Mann asked the MLAs to open offices in their respective constituencies for meeting people and addressing their issues.

He also asked them to be punctual.

“We should not waste time. We have to work 18 hours a day,” he said.
Mann said their target should be to turn Punjab prosperous once again, to make it 'Rangla' (vibrant) Punjab.