Friday, Dec 08, 2023

Mundka Blaze Not The First, India Has Always Been Fighting Fires

Mundka Blaze Not The First, India Has Always Been Fighting Fires

India has history of fire incidents with people including school children losing lives. Here we bring in some of the worst incidents in the country’s history.

Fire in Delhi's Mundka leaves 27 people dead. PTI Photo

The devastating fire in Delhi near Mundka metro station left nearly 27 people dead, bringing to light India’s history with fire tragedies.

Here we list some of the fire incidents, considered devastating in India’s history. 

Uphaar Fire Tragedy – Delhi

The fire occurred on June 13, 1997 at Upahaar Cinema in Delhi's Green Park. During the screening of ‘Border’ movie fire engulfed the cinema. In the incident, 59 people were killed, while over 100 people were injured. 

Anaj Mandi Fire Tragedy – Delhi

In 2019, massive blaze took place at fire Anaj Mandi factory building in Delhi. The incident left 43 people dead and 16 injured.

AMRI Fire Tragedy – West Bengal

In 2011, fire occurred at AMRI hospital in Kolkata. In the incident 95 people were killed. 

Stephen Court Fire Tragedy – West Bengal

In 2010 fire occurred at Stephen Court, in Park Street in Kolkata. The incident left 42 people dead.

Srirangam Marriage Hall Fire Tragedy – Tamil Nadu

The fire during a wedding ceremony in the Padmapriya Marriage Hall in Srirangam left 57 people dead.

Kumbakonam School Fire – Tamil Nadu

The fire at a school at Kumbakonam in Thanjavur left 94 school children dead. 

Mandi Dabwali Fire Tragedy – Haryana

The fire during a school function at D.A.V. School in Haryana left 300 people, mostly school children dead and over 100 people injured.