Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh Continues To Level Electoral ‘Malpractices’ On Saffron Party, Says BJP Leader Knew Results 2 Days Before

Earlier, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh raked debate about reliability of EVMs after ‘hindi heartland’ witnessed saffron surge with BJP sweeping away Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, while retaining Madhya Pradesh.

Congress MP Digvijaya Singh

Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh has alleged BJP leader knew results two days before counting.

Singh made the claim soon after he alleged EVM hacking was behind the BJP's poll victories.

The Congress MP has shared two screenshots on social media one from Facebook and the other from the results page of the Election Commission of India website.

"Look at these two pictures closely. BJP functionary writes how many votes each candidate received in Khachrod Assembly seat and what is the margin. Importantly, this post was made two days before the counting - December 1. Now match this with the results," Singh wrote in Hindi.

At the Nagada-Khachrod constituency in Madhya Pradesh, BJP's Dr Tejbahadur Singh Chauhan defeated the Congress's Dilip Singh Gurjar by a margin of 15,927 votes.

The Facebook post Singh referred to was put up from the profile of Anil Chajjed, who describes himself as a "digital creator". It was created in 2015 and has over 5,000 followers. The profile has several photographs of Chajjed with the winning BJP candidate and at the party's rallies. The profile has posts supporting the BJP.

In a December 1 post, Chajjed writes that 1,78,364 votes were polled in the Assembly constituency in Ujjain district. The post said the BJP candidate got 93,000 votes, while the Congress nominee got 77,000. The numbers, predicted two days before counting, were strikingly similar to the final vote counts of 93,552 (BJP) and 77,625 (Congress), respectively.

Asked about Singh's allegation, BJP leader and MLA Rameshwar Sharma said, "He (Singh) doesn't trust anyone, he doesn't trust EVM, he doesn't trust himself."

The BJP has not confirmed or denied if Anil Chajjed is a party functionary.

Days after the BJP won Assembly polls in three heartland states - Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh—Singh has raked up the debate over how reliable EVMs are.

"Any Machine with a Chip can be hacked. I have opposed voting by EVM since 2003. Can we allow our Indian Democracy to be controlled by Professional Hackers! This is the Fundamental Question which all Political Parties have to address to. Hon ECI and Hon Supreme Court would you please defend our Indian Democracy?" he has said in a post on X.

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