Monday, Oct 03, 2022

At Slain Kashmiri Pandit’s Village People Mourn Amid Chants Of ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh’ Unity

Jammu And Kashmir: The people at Chotigam village of south Kashmir’s Shopian raised slogans against the killing of their Kashmiri Pandit brethren Sunil Kumar Butt and said it was against the principle of Islam.

Kashmiri Pandits Protest
Kashmiri Pandits protest against targeted killings.(File photo-Representational image) PTI Photo/Atul Yadav

Qatal-e-Gaarth na manzoor (killing of innocent and destruction are unacceptable) and chants of unity reverberated in the air as villagers of Chotigam took out a procession to condemn the killing of Sunil Kumar Butt, a Kashmir Pandit, by terrorists on Tuesday morning.

The village saw the second terror attack in four months.

The residents took out the procession from the house of the victim to the cremation ground where the body Sunil Kumar was consigned to flames amid slogans of "Hindu Muslim Sikh Itehad (unity of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs)".

Those who took part in the procession raised slogans against the killing of Kumar and said it was against the principle of Islam.

Several people from the area joined the procession from Butt's residence where Muslim neighbours were seen consoling the family. 

Butt was shot dead by terrorists while he was in his orchard along with his cattle. His brother suffered injuries.

He was cremated this evening.

(With PTI inputs)