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‘Can’t Get Khanafed Of It’ This Millenial Willy Wonka Chocolate In Dubai Is Attracting Chocoholics From Around The Globe

A chocolate bar exclusively sold in Dubai is attracting customers from all over the world. With its unique flavors and viral appeal, the Can’t Get Khanafed Of It bar has become the latest love of chocoholics.

Can't Get Khanafed Of It Photo: X

Did you also used to fantasize about going to Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory? Well, we have found one such place that is attracting chocolate lovers from across the world. And it’s in Dubai!

For chocoholics, Dubai has become the ultimate destination, thanks to an exclusive confection that has candy lovers traveling from around the world.

The $20 chocolate bar, aptly named "Can’t Get Khanafed Of It," is creating a buzz for its unique combination of flavors and high quality. The bar features milk chocolate filled with crispy khanafeh, a traditional Middle Eastern pastry, alongside pistachio cream and tahini spread.

This latest favourite is produced by Dubai-based Fix Dessert Chocolatier. Sarah Hamouda, the founder of Fix Dessert Chocolatier, started the company in 2021, inspired by her cocoa cravings during pregnancy. Known as the “millennial Willy Wonka,” Hamouda has crafted a variety of Middle Eastern-inflected chocolate bars that have captured the hearts of sweet-toothed aficionados globally.

The confection is getting great reviews. One customer wrote on X, "This is worth every bit of the hype and is still getting. Not denying that it’s pricey, but we have paid more for mass-produced chocolate."

The chocolate gained widespread attention after an ASMR video by foodfluencer Maria Vehera went viral on TikTok, garnering over 60 million views. In the video, Vehera can be seen enjoying the Can’t Get Khanafed Of It bar, exclaiming, “WOW, JUST WOW!!! Can’t explain how good these are! When a chocolate, a dessert, and a piece of art meet this is what you get!”

This exposure caused Fix’s daily orders to surge from single digits to 500, making CGKOI their bestseller.

Despite the popularity, the Can’t Get Khanafed Of It bar is only available in Dubai via Chatfood or Deliveroo, prompting fans to make extraordinary efforts to obtain it. Some have taken to social media to plead for friends traveling to Dubai to bring back the chocolate, while others have declared their willingness to fly to Dubai just for a taste.

Hamouda has been amazed by the international response, receiving messages from fans as far as Canada and Argentina. “It’s insane what’s been happening,” she said about the positive feedback from around the globe.

The artisanal quality of Fix’s chocolate bars is a major attraction. Each bar is handmade, with meticulous attention to detail in both flavor and presentation. “For me, it’s really important (to maintain) the quality and the ingredients of our products,” Hamouda said. This painstaking process limits production to 500 bars per day. Despite capping sales of the 200-gram bars at 500 orders per day, they often sell out within minutes.

In the face of scarcity, some chocolate enthusiasts have taken matters into their own hands, creating homemade versions of the Can’t Get Khanafed Of It bar. TikTok foodie Suzy Hendrix, for instance, recreated the viral chocolate bar using ingredients from a local Middle Eastern supermarket. Her video, which has nearly 20 million views, showcases her joy at successfully replicating the treat. “I can’t take it anymore, I’ve been watching people enjoy this viral pistachio chocolate bar, only sold in Dubai. I had to try and make it,” she said, adding, “And it was everything I dreamt it would be.”