French Author Annie Ernaux Wins Nobel Prize For Literature 2022

Nobel Prize for Literature 2022 has been awarded to French author Annie Ernaux.

Nobel Prize for Literature 2022 was awarded to Annie Ernaux.

French author Annie Ernaux on Thursday won the Nobel Prize for literature 2022, the AFP report said.

Ernaux is known for her deceptively simple novels drawing on personal experience of class and gender, it said.

Ernaux, 82, was awareded "for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory", it mentioned.

The Nobel Prize comes with a medal and a prize sum of 10 million Swedish kronor (about $911,400).

Last year, the award went to Tanzanian-born novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah, whose work focuses on the plight of refugees and exile, colonialism and racism.

Ernaux, whose name has circulated in Nobel speculation for several years, is the 17th woman to win the prestigious prize, out of 119 literature laureates since the first Nobel was awarded in 1901, the report said.

The Swedish Academy has in recent years pledged to make the prize more diverse, after a 2017-2018 #MeToo scandal that left it in tatters, it mentioned.

Ernaux will receive the Nobel from King Carl XVI Gustaf at a formal ceremony in Stockholm on December 10, the anniversary of the 1896 death of scientist Alfred Nobel who created the prizes in his last will and testament, it concluded.


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