Maui Wildfire 2023: Know About The 5 Deadliest Wildfires US Witnessed Over the Years

Over the years, the United States has witnessed several wildfires which proved to be extremely deadly. Take a look at the 5 deadliest wildfires in the US history

Top deadliest wildfires in US history

Residents of Hawaii are no strangers to wildfires. However, the extent of devastation caused by these wildfires is escalating significantly. The wildfire that began in Maui on August 8, 2023, has so far resulted in the loss of 111 lives, while hundreds remain unaccounted for.

According to Hawaii's governor, Josh Green, Maui's wildfire ranks among the most significant natural disasters the island has encountered to date. He also emphasized that recovering from this natural calamity will require an incredible amount of time. Beyond Hawaii, the entire United States has witnessed a series of deadly wildfires, leading to the loss of numerous lives. Here are some of the most fatal wildfires that have occurred in the US over the years.

1. California Fire Siege, 2020

During the California Fire Siege, a staggering 4.2 million acres were razed. More than 8,000 wildfires swept across California in 2020, earning a reputation for record-setting destruction, as stated by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

2. Camp Fire, 2018

In 2018, Northern California faced one of its deadliest wildfires—the CampFire. This fire engulfed the towns of Paradise and Concow. The disaster claimed the lives of at least 85 people and left 153,336 acres in ashes.

3. Griffith Park Fire, 1933

The Griffith Park Fire in 1933 claimed the lives of 23 people, marking one of the most lethal fire incidents experienced by California residents. Despite scorching only 47 acres, the victims were all civilians involved in a Depression-era government program to clear brush and provide other forms of assistance in Los Angeles' Griffith Park.

4. Cloquet and Moose Lake Fires, 1918

The Cloquet and Moose Lake Fires are etched in history as one of the most destructive wildfire incidents in Minnesota. Over 450 lives were lost during the wildfire, and flames consumed about 1,500 square miles of land.

5. Great Fire, 1910

The Great Fire of 1910 comprised a series of wildfires that blazed from April to August. Encompassing the forests of Idaho, Montana, and Washington, the fire earned the moniker 'Big Blowup.' It ravaged an estimated three million acres of land. The death toll resulting from the fire varies; however, according to the US Forest Service, a total of 86 lives were lost during the catastrophe.