Dreams & Memories: Poems On Friendship

These poems address the idea of friendship, reminding us of how we are stronger from knowing that someone else believes in us and is glad we exist


Dreams & Memories: Poems On Friendship

“dragon fly”

you said it wasn’t even a butterfly so
what really was the big deal about it

i said that it was a dragonfly and that
it was swift  brave resilient

we watched it hover over the lilies
the setting sun shining over it

its green wings emitting metallic colours
blue yellow turquoise

time paused to throb in hearts
you looked at me and smiled

i smiled back and blinked to lock the vision
a canary bursting into song in a tree

it’s summer again
a shimmering dragonfly is flitting outside

i open the window to glimpse it from close
crisp breeze flying into my face

i take in a whiff of it
it smells of lilies affinity you


“in a dream”

in a dream i had lunch with the three of you
you took turns and told your stories

it was but one story
only the versions differed

unknown to you i knew that story
every bit of it that each of you told me

also all the parts of it that you chose to omit
we held hands and cried and laughed over the story

if the dream were longer
i would have told you my story

but i sure am glad that you bared your hearts and
shared yours

the imprint of your hands on mine
warm like winter sun

“our friendship”

our friendship is surreal inscrutable mystifying
like a morning poem


the syllables acute
the verse impelling

more so than ever
i want to be good and truthful and

everything that I was ever meant to be
more so than ever

i want you to be you
may you soar in the high skies

glide across galaxies
touch the moon

shimmer in starlight
may you always always find your way home

“awaiting dreams”

when we shared our dreams with one another
we did it in camaraderie

i wanted your dream to come true
just as much as you wanted mine to bloom

i know that in time both dreams will be realised
there is no way of course to know if

the wait will be long or short
easy or strenuous

it may very well test our patience  grit resolve
that’s why I am glad that

you and i are on the chase together
the cosmos smiles as we dream together


today i found myself missing
towns that i haven’t ever visited

homes that i have never stepped into
people who i have never met

children who don’t know me
i blamed it on summer

this strange yearning for the unknown
on the tracks along the beach

a train was speeding away
a hand waving out of a cabin window

the whistle loud in my head
i waved right back because


today was as good of a day as any
to let it all go -

the pull of the unknown and the draw of the known
today was about starting new songs

Simrita Dhir is a California-based academic and author of the critically-acclaimed novel The Rainbow Acres