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Year Ender 2023: Moye Moye, Hey Prabhu, Orry, Bhupendra Jogi, Elvish Bhaaaaaaai, Just Looking Like A Wow – Most Viral Memes

This year has been a year of viral memes. Here are some of the most popular viral memes from social media which have got audiences hooked and made them come back to the content creator over and over again.


Most Viral Memes 2023

The year is finally coming to a close and we can confidently say that this year has been a year of viral memes. Viral memes are something that are sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming and sometimes just too hard to resist despite being cringeworthy. But whatever be the reason, the videos or pictures go viral and people from not just India, but from across the world are seen appreciating that video, making their own versions of those videos with the audio recording, and also turning those viral phrases into their daily lingo.

As a content creator on social media, you never know what would click and what wouldn’t. What would become viral and what would not, is a thing not even God can give the right answer to. If a person’s video suddenly starts getting enormous appreciation and love from audiences all over, then the person is bound to have a great career ahead as a content creator.


The internet has been filled with so many memes this year that it’s difficult to choose a few of them. However, after carefully scanning through social media and checking out various other websites, here are a few such viral memes which have kept audiences hooked throughout the year:

Inky Pinky Ponky

Thala For a Reason

Who Is Orry

Bhojpuri Dance Off

Rajinikanth Saying Shit

Gopi Bahu

Aukaat Dikha Di

Ganji Chudail

Aaj Mood Nahi Kar Raha

Paani Paani Paani

Moye Moye

Hey Prabhu

Haan Dil Vich Tere Liye Time Kadke

Yeh Buddha Mere Beech Mein Bahut Bolta Hai

Ranveer Allahbadia Aggressively Shakes Head


Lord Puneet

Baithne Ka Tarika Thoda Casual Hai

Baldev And Thekedaar

Elvish Bhaaaaaaai

Pols Aa Gayi Pols

Jaldi Wahan Se Hato

Lappu Sa Sachin

Bhupendra Jogi

Aayein Baingan

Just Looking Like A Wow

Which meme among these viral memes has been your favourite of the year? Share your thoughts with us below.