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Leonardo DiCaprio Donates Aids Worth $10 Million To Ukraine Amidst War Against Russia

Hollywood actor-producer has made a donation of $10 million to Ukraine to support its fight against Russia.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $10 million to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

As reported by, the actor has a personal connection with the country as his maternal grandmother, Helene Indenbirken, was born in Odessa as Jelena Stepanovna Smirnova. She and her parents emigrated to Germany in 1917, where DiCaprio's mother was born.

DiCaprio who was mainly raised by his mother was very close his grandmother. His grandmother was a great supporter of his acting career.

Indenbirken was a regular to DiCaprio’s movie premieres.

DiCaprio set aside up to USD 10 million to support Ukraine and did not intend to make the news public. The International Visegrad Fund, a Visegrad Group project aimed at providing financial support for international initiatives, made the announcement.

He has been writing "actor and ecologist" in the profession column for years, having been nominated for six Oscars and winning a gold statuette for his role in Alejandro González Inarrit's ‘Revenant’.

The artist has long been involved in initiatives aimed at averting global warming. He and his family founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, when he was 25 years old, to support "sustainable development around the world."

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