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Watch: BTS Jin Gets Emotional As Members Reunite To Give Him A Warm Welcome At His Military Discharge Ceremony

BTS' Jin has now been discharged from military duty. The singer was greeted by BTS members at the base camp.

Jin and BTS members at his discharge ceremony Photo: X

After an arduous wait, the oldest member of BTS – Jin - has finally been discharged from the military. Enlisted in December 2022, the singer was seen leaving his base camp in his military uniform on June 12. He was greeted by BTS members at his discharge ceremony outside the gates of the military camp. Videos from his discharge ceremony have gone viral and it shows Kim Seok-jin having an emotional moment as he meets his band members.

In a video that has now gone viral, Jin is seen leaving his military base camp in his uniform. The singer is seen saluting as he poses for the camera. He is later joined by BTS leader RM who greets him with a bouquet. He is also seen performing their Grammy-nominated song ‘Dynamite’ on the saxophone for Jin. He reunites with J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. It has been reported that Suga was unable to greet him at the military base, but he has plans to meet him later in the day.

Take a look at the videos from BTS Jin’s discharge ceremony.

The viral videos have left fans emotional. They took to social media to comment on the heartwarming dynamics shared between the BTS members. Reacting to the video, one fan said, “Jimin and V hugging so warm..they are such a very best friend.” A second fan wrote, “It's namjoon with the sax for me… I love them so much. My JIN is finally home.” A third fan mentioned, “These hugs mean so much to me. If only Yoongi was there.”

Taking to their social media, BTS also shared a picture where all the band members posed with Jin in his uniform. The picture has fetched over 654K likes.

Jin also took to his WeVerse and shared his first note after discharge for his fans. He wrote, “I prepared a lot for the company Festa. I just wanted to show you my free hug idea. I think the meaning of the idea was misrepresented when I tried to make it together. There are a lot of hugs tomorrow, so please pass by as soon as possible. It's probably hard to talk, so I think it'll go smoothly if you give me a quick hug, I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

BigHit Music announced that Jin would meet a few lucky fans at a special event organized by the agency. During the event, Jin will not only participate in a meet and greet but also give out hugs. The fan meeting will be conducted in two batches, with one being streamed on Weverse for a fee.