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'It's All In Your Head' On Gudsho Movie Review: Dhruv Solanki's Film Hits Close To Home, Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Outlook Rating:
3 / 5

Written and directed by Dhruv Solanki, 'It's All In Your Head' is finally available to stream on OTT. Is the film worth watching? Is it relatable? Read on to find out.

'It's All In Your Head' Photo: Gudsho

After being selected for various film festivals including the Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival, Hurghada Youth Film Festival, and many more, Dhruv Solanki’s feature directorial, ‘It’s all in Your Head,’ is finally available for public viewing. The promising filmmaker seems to have brought out his vision in a simplistic and relatable manner by shedding light on the new age youth with this newly released film. So, in case you plan on watching it, here’s what it’s all about.

‘It’s All In Your Head’: Story

When you come across the film’s logline – “What if the Kardashians were born in a rural Rajasthani family and lived in Baroda on a budget?” – it’s bound to catch your eye. ‘It’s all in Your Head’ highlights a day in the life of six siblings in the city of Vadodara. These siblings are inspired by Western culture, so much so that they refer to one another as one of the Kardashian sisters. Giving a backdrop of how each of their day looks like, the film challenges stereotypes associated with the small towns of India and explores the struggles faced by today’s youth in trying to maintain relationships, fulfil their desires, and take on responsibilities in a world that’s driven by the digital age.

‘It’s All In Your Head’: Performances

The performances of the six main actors in portraying fictionalized versions of themselves are nothing short of mesmerizing. Each one brings authenticity to their character, making it feel as though they are not reading out dialogues at all, but rather living and breathing the story. Their body language feels so natural. It doesn’t feel like they’re talking to the camera; it’s like you’re right there and they’re having a conversation with you.

Jyotsana’s portrayal is extremely subtle, and her gestures speak volumes without the need for words. Deepshikha effortlessly takes on the role of the understanding one, and her portrayal is so genuine. Bonita’s mushy and hyperactive behaviour adds a layer of endearing charm to the dynamics of their relationships. Bhagyashree and Manshree deliver performances that are equally compelling. However, I wish more light was shed on Bhuvnesh and his persona. While some sections may not be able to relate to the work profile of the sisters, we all have a Bhuvnesh in our lives.

‘It’s All In Your Head’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

I love how natural this film feels. It can easily serve as one of those movies where you sit alone inside your room, eat your comfort food, and watch. By the end of it, you will realize that there are others out there like you who are dealing with conflicts of the digital age in today’s society. Dhruv Solanki has made this simplistic movie in hopes that one can resonate with it, deep down at least. While you may not speak the typical Rajasthani lingo, it doesn’t mean you’re not able to understand the characters’ life happenings. The dialogues are pretty straightforward and are exactly how you’d talk to your friends: casually, chilled out, no censor. It doesn’t even feel like it’s scripted. The story, in no way, is complicated; it’s just a reflection of a day in the lives of a family.

In his feature debut, Solanki has truly been able to capture moments that seem to have drawn inspiration from real-life happenings and tried making a film as real as it could get. After all, simplicity does go a long way. If you thought that being shot on iPhone means the quality is not as good as other films, let me tell you that it doesn’t reduce the viewing experience. I’m not endorsing for Apple here, but the quality is not as great when compared, but it isn’t bad either. Additionally, the camera movements are seamless. There’s so much emphasis given on the surroundings, and there’s no rush in panning the camera towards the characters to give them more screen time, which is good. Also, the music choice is spectacular. The piano melodies are mesmerizing and enhance the scenes, and the addition of ‘Loving Is Free’ towards the end was something I wasn’t expecting at all. What did feel a bit of a let-down was the editing. Some shots linger for too long, and there are some that feel rushed. Perhaps that aspect could have been better.

‘It’s All In Your Head’: Cast & Crew

Director: Dhruv Solanki

Cast: Jyotsana, Deepshikha, Bhagyashree, Bonita, Manshree and Bhuvnesh Rajpurohit

Available On: Gudsho                      

Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes

Premiere Date: April 17, 2024

Genre: Comedy

‘It’s All In Your Head’: Can Kids Watch It?


Outlook’s Verdict

‘It’s all in Your Head’ is a feel-good movie. It gives you hope, and in some places, reminds you that you shouldn’t give up; it instills a sense of hope in you. It’s a reminder that if you’re struggling to make it in this world, there are others like you too. Many might even find a piece of themselves in any one of the characters. It’s about the connection you have with the film at the end of the day. Personally, I was left with a smile at the end of the film. There’s no big plot twist or any masala in the film; it’s just life. Overall, ‘It’s all in Your Head’ is a beautiful story that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.