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BTS' RM Pens Note For ARMY On Lunar New Year, Says He Is 'Adjusting Well' At Military Base

BTS' RM is currently on compulsory military duty. On Lunar New Year, he shared an emotional note for his fans.

BTS RM Photo: Instagram

BTS’ Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, is currently on his mandatory military service. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, he shared penned a note for his fans and gave them an update about his life. His letter is currently trending on social media platforms.

Taking to the fan community forum Weverse, RM penned a note for the ARMY. He expressed how thankful he is for his fans and how he wishes to continue getting their support. According to the translation shared by BTS fans, RM said, “Hello ARMYs, are you doing well? I have also come to my base and have been adjusting well. I ate rice cake soup, have been resting a little since it is seol (lunar new year), and am doing well. Another seol will have to pass before I am able to see you all, but I will do well with my time.”

RM continued, “I believe that it will be another place of learning and experiences. Whenever, wherever, always be healthy. And I hope that you will experience a lot more good things than bad things. Hoping that our connection will continue to go on, I hope you receive a lot of New Year blessings!”

Take a look at the letter here.

Reacting to the letter, one fan wrote, “Joonie came home! I miss him so much.” A second fan said, “namjoon omg i miss you so much I'm glad to hear you're doing well! our connection can never be broken so don't worry about us. stay healthy and happy new year! I love you.” A third fan commented, “I just woke up and saw Namjoon's beautiful words, and I got excited. Nam I will try my best to see more good things than bad things in life. I really love him and miss him.”

All members of BTS are currently on military duty. They have officially joined the South Korean army and are on compulsory service. RM and V joined the army in December 2023. Jimin and Jungkook joined them the next day. Jin was the first BTS member to start his military service in December 2022.

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