'We Will If You Don't': SC's Ultimatum To Govt On Permanent Commission For Women Coast Guard Officers

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud asked the Centre's attorney why such a patriarchal mindset is being practised in this matter and stated, "You talk about Nari Shakti, show it here."


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The Supreme Court issued a strong warning to the Centre regarding the matter of granting permanent commission to women Coast Guard officers, stating that it is necessary to include women in this decision and added, ""if you do not do it, we will do it".

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud reportedly told the Centre's counsel, Attorney General R Venkataramani, "All these functionality etc argument does not hold water in 2024. Women cannot be left out. If you do not do it, we will do it. So take a look at that".

Venkataramani stated that he will request the Coast Guard to submit a sworn statement.


The next hearing is scheduled for March 1 by the court.

A female officer from the Coast Guard had filed a petition seeking permanent commission for eligible women officers who join under short service commission.

The Attorney General has argued that there is difference between the Coast Guard and the Navy and Army.

The Chief Justice inquired about the apparent lack of concern regarding the Coast Guard.

He further asked, "Why don't you want women in the Coast Guard? If women can guard the borders, they can also guard the beaches. You talk about Nari Shakti, show it here."


The government was reprimanded during the last court session on February 19.

The court challenged the patriarchal attitude that is against allowing women to join the force.

CJI then said, "You have women in the Navy, so what's special about the Coast Guard. We will open up the whole canvas. Gone are the days when we said that women cannot be a part of the Coast Guard."

The petitioner, Priyanka Tyagi, previously went to the Delhi High Court but did not receive any help.

In her appeal, she referenced the Supreme Court's rulings on granting permanent commission to women in the Army and Navy.