PM Modi, Union Cabinet Resign To Return For Third Term, Oath-Taking Likely On June 8

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially resigned. The BJP Leader met with President Droupadi Murmu where he tendered his and the entire union cabinets resignation.

PM Modi, Union Cabinet Resign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially resigned. The BJP leader met with President Droupadi Murmu a day after BJP and its NDA allies hit the majority mark in the general elections. During this meet, the incumbent PM tendered his and the union cabinet's resignation.

His resignation to the President of India comes ahead of his return for a third consecutive term. Along with his resignation, the resignations of his union council of ministers were also tendered to President Murmu.

As per an official statement from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President has asked Modi and the union cabinet to continue in office till the new Government is formed.

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With the resignation of Modi and the Union Cabinet, the 17th Lok Sabha has also been dissolved. The term of the current union council of ministers is set to end on June 16.

In the Lok Sabha Election Results 2024, PM Modi-led BJP failed to win a majority but recorded the highest number of votes - 240.

BJP and its NDA alliance members will be staking its claim for the government, in which Modi will return for a third term as prime minister.

The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Results were declared by the Election Commission of India in which the BJP saw a major drop in the votes. Meanwhile, the opposition INDIA bloc outperformed in the general elections and secured a total of 232 votes.