Outlook News Wrap, May 1: 100 Schools In Delhi Get Bomb Threat, Heatwave Alert Issued Amid 47 Deg Temperature, Split In Godrej & More

Outlook May 1 News rap: Top stories of the day include 100 schools in Delhi receiving bomb threats of a similar pattern, IMD's heatwave alert temperature touches 47 degrees Celcius mark, pro-Palestine protests in US universities, the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi on Netflix and more.

Photo: PTI

Hello, readers! In this news wrap, Outlook curates for you the top stories of the day. Today, our news wrap focuses on the intimidating news of several bomb threats received by over 100 hundred schools in Delhi and one in Lucknow.

In other news, protests have intensified at the US universities following the arrest of over 100 amid clashes with law enforcement. Columbia University and UCLA became focal points of tensions amid escalating demonstrations for and against Israel's actions in Gaza.

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Bomb Threat At 100 Delhi Schools: Panic Erupts, MHA Reacts | Key Points

Panic ensued in dozens of Delhi schools on Wednesday morning after they received bomb threats via email, prompting evacuations, searches by the cops and a statement by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as well. According to police, multiple schools across Delhi received threat mails "on the same pattern", that MHA later said were most likely "hoax". READ FULL STORY

Heatwave Alert In India: As Temperatures Touch 47 Degrees, IMD Predicts Severe Heat Across States

As we begin the month of May, temperatures are expected to rise and the heat is likely to increase. As per the latest forecast issued by the Indian Meteorological Department, severe heatwave-like conditions will grip India as temperatures cross the 47 degree Celsius mark.

As per the bulletin issued by the IMD, heatwave to severe heatwave like conditions prevailed in most parts of the Gangetic West Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha. READ FULL STORY.

Godrej Group Splits Into 2: Listed Firms With Adi & Brother, Cousins Get Unlisted Ones, Land Bank

The 127-year-old conglomerate Godrej Group has been split between two branches of the founding family, with Adi Godrej (82) and his brother Nadir (73) on one side and their cousins Jamshyd Godrej (75) and Smita Godrej Crishna (74) on the other. READ FULL STORY.

US Protest: Violent Clashes In UCLA After NYPD Storms Pro-Palestine Protest At Occupied Columbia Building

Protests intensify at universities nationwide as over 100 are arrested amid clashes with law enforcement. Columbia University and UCLA became focal points of tensions amid escalating demonstrations for and against Israel's actions in Gaza. READ FULL STORY.

'Heeramandi' On Netflix Review: Sanjay Leela Bhansali Perfectly Blends Courtesans' Strength, Depth, Significance In A Tale Of Love, Liberation

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Netflix series 'Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar' was officially announced in April 2021. After three years, the highly anticipated show premiered on May 1. During the show's announcement, Bhansali described 'Heeramandi' as a tribute to “great courtesans who lived like queens”, a homage to women who “fight softly for dignity”. With a stellar ensemble cast and lavish production design, SLB brings back his signature style- grandeur and opulence in his OTT debut series. Before watching 'Heeramandi' on Netflix, here's all you need to know about larger-than-life web series. READ FULL STORY.