No Life Was Lost During Cyclone, It Is A Major Achievement, Says Amit Shah

According to Home Minister Amit Shah, despite cyclone Biparjoy packing 140 mph winds when it made landfall, there were no deaths caused by it.


Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said it was a major achievement of the Gujarat government that no death took place on account of cyclone Biparjoy even though it packed a wind speed of 140 mph while making landfall.

Electricity will be restored in affected areas by June 20, he said, talking to reporters in Bhuj, the headquarters of the Kutch district which bore the brunt of the cyclone. 

Power supply has been restored in 1,600 villages and fully restored in Junagadh and Porbandar districts, the Union minister said.

The state government will soon carry out a survey of the damage caused to crops, orchards, and fishing boats, and announce a relief package, he said.  


The state and Union governments worked together successfully to face the cyclone, Shah said.

"We can express satisfaction that nobody has died in the cyclone that made landfall with a wind speed of 140 mph," he said, adding that it was a "major achievement". 

"Not only that, but the number of injured persons was only 47, and casualties of cattle were just 234," Shah added.

Cyclone Biparjoy made landfall near Jakhau on the Kutch coast on Thursday evening, felling trees and electric poles and damaging houses. 

The government's priority now is the restoration of electricity, water supply and sending people who are in shelters back to their homes, the Union minister said.


"Those who were shifted will be sent back to their homes in a couple of days," he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continuously guided the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Gujarat government, and all government agencies, Shah said, adding that to come out of this disaster with minimum damage was a great example of effective teamwork.

With planning and preparation by the state government and central agencies, the damage to human and animal lives and the property was minimized, he said, praising the state government's "zero casualty approach". 

Central teams supported the state government in ensuring fast-paced relief and rehabilitation efforts, he said.

More than one lakh people including 1,152 pregnant women were shifted to safer locations ahead of the cyclone while 73,000 cattle were also relocated, Shah noted.

Earlier, the Union home minister conducted an aerial survey of cyclone-affected districts and visited farmers in the coastal Mandvi area and shelters in Jakhau.