PM Narendra Modi Flags Off 5 Vande Bharat Trains In Bhopal: 10 Things To Know

Prime Minister is in Bhopal today as he flagged off five new Vande Bharat trains, he will also be attending a public programme arranged in the city.

PM Narendra Modi flags off Vande Bharat trains in Bhopal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Bhopal on Tuesday as he flagged off five new Vande Bharat trains which will run across the country. Modi's Bhopal visit entails two programmes, one being the new train routes and another would be meeting the loyal workers of his party in 'Mera booth, sabse strong' programme.

PM Narendra Modi was seen flagging off the five Vande Bharat trains from Rani Kamlapati Railway station in Bhopal.

The pilots of the locomotive were also ready for the launch.

The five new routes on which the semi-high speed trains would operate are- Rani Kamalapati (Bhopal)-Jabalpur Vande Bharat Express; Khajuraho-Bhopal-Indore Vande Bharat Express; Madgaon (Goa)-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express; Dharwad-Bengaluru Vande Bharat Express; and Hatia-Patna Vande Bharat Express. The total number of semi-high-speed Vande Bharat trains in India would reach 23 with the addition of these trains.

10 things to know about Vande Bharat Train Launch

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted yesterday about his Bhopal visit. He wrote, "I will be in Bhopal tomorrow, 27th June to take part in 2 programmes. First, 5 Vande Bharat trains would be flagged off at a programme in Rani Kamalapati Railway Station. These trains will improve connectivity in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Bihar and Jharkhand."

2. Two train routes have been introduced in the state of Madhya Pradesh, one in Karnataka, Goa and Bihar each. This Vande Bharat Express in Goa would be the state's first semi-high-speed train.

3. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan today morning told the media, "I welcome PM Modi to Madhya Pradesh. He will gift Vande Bharat trains today," as he expressed gratitude for the arrival of the Prime Minister in his state.

4. Students were also part of the programme, the PM could be seen interacting with school children as he flagged off the train in Bhopal. 

5. Ranikamlapati in Bhopal to Jabalpur Vande Bharat train the central Bhopal region in Bhopal to the Mahakaushal region in Jabalpur. Reports said that the speed of this train would be 130 kmph, making this the fastest train on that route.

6. The Khajuraho-Bhopal-Indore Vande Bharat trains will be covering the Bundelkhand region in Khajuraho, the central region with Bhopal and Malwa region with Indore on its way. Reports say that this train will be benefitting tourists going to Mahakaleshwar, Mandu, Maheshwar and other places in the state.

7. The other train is the Mumbai to Mandgaon in Goa Vande Bharat train which will make it easier to travel from Mumbai to Goa. Reportedly this train will be available six days a week.

8. The Dhrwad to Bengaluru Vande Bharat train is supposed to connect cities like Dharwad, Hubbali and Davangere with the metro city of Bangalore. This is the state's second semi-high-speed train and thirty minutes faster than other trains of this route.

9. The Hatia to Patna Vande Bharat train would connect Bihar and Jharkhand making it the first semi-high-speed train for the state of Jharkhand. According to the reports, this train is supposed to cover places like Tatisilwai, Mersa, Shanki, Barkakana, Hazaribag, Koderma and Gaya. It is also said that this train would be able to save the time of the passengers by one hour and twenty minutes when compared to the rest of the trains in the route.

10. Narendra Modi will also be meeting his party workers in Bhopal today for the programme of 'Mera booth, sabse strong'.