'Take Care Of...': Arvind Kejriwal Attacks Pak Leader Over Remark On LS Polls; Says 'Won't Tolerate Interference'

"Your tweet is not needed. The situation in Pakistan is very bad right now. You take care of your country," Kejriwal told former Pakistan Minister Fawad Hussain.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal | Photo: PTI

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is out on bail to campaign for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, hit back at a former Pakistan Minister for his remarks on India's general elections.

After casting his vote in the national capital, the Aam Aadmi Party chief took to X and said, "I voted today with my father, wife and children. My mother is very ill. She could not go. I voted against dictatorship, unemployment and inflation. You too must go and vote."

Responding to Kejriwal's post, Pakistani politician Fawad Hussain said, "May peace and harmony defeat forces of hate and extremism."

The remarks of Pakistan's former minister for Information and Broadcasting triggered a war of words between him and Kejriwal.

Kejriwal hit back at Hussain, telling him to "take care" of his country. "Chaudhary Sahib, I and the people of my country are fully capable of handling our issues. Your tweet is not needed. The situation in Pakistan is very bad right now. You take care of your country," he said.

The Delhi Chief Minister said that the elections are India's "internal matter", adding that the nation will "not tolerate interference from the biggest sponsors of terrorism".

The Pakistani politician then again responded back to "CM Sb!", hoping that everyone with "some conscience" must be concerned for extremism.

"CM sb! Indeed electioneering is your own issue but hope you will appreciate extremism be it in Pakistan or India is a borderless phenomenon and dangerous for everyone be it BD, India or Pak so everyone with some conscience must be concerned….situation in Pak is very far for ideal but individuals must strive for better Society wherever they are..." Hussain wrote in his response on X.

Later, in another separate post Hussain had written that in political speeches in India are incomplete without bashing Pakistan. Whereas in his country, nobody is "bothered" about Indian politics.

Why is that? he asked. "One reason may be that Pak is synonymous with significance of Muslim India and BJP use Pakistan to express anti MUSLIM sentiments?" Hussain added.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju launched an attack at the Delhi CM, saying that "not only Rahul Gandhi but Arvind Kejriwal has got massive support in Pakistan".

Rijiju also responded to Hussain and told him that he'll be disappointed on June 4. "India will elect @narendramodi Ji once again with thumping majority. Now, India is unstoppable," he added.