'Kasab Didn't Kill...': Congress Leader's 26/11 Remark Sparks Outrage, BJP Urges EC For Action | Top Points

Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar's recent remarks on the 26/11 attack has sparked outrage. The leader claimed that Hemant Kakare was not killed by Pakistani terrorist Kasab but by a cop affiliated with the RSS. In response, BJP and Shiv Sena have slammed the statement and urged the EC to take action.

Congress Leader's 26/11 Remark Sparks Outrage, BJP Urges EC For Action Photo: PTI

Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar's recent remarks on the 26/11 attack has sparked outrage. During an interview with a television channel, the Congress leader claimed that Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorists involved in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack did not kill ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. The leader alleged that Karkare was in turn killed by a policeman affiliated to the RSS.

Wadettiwar also slammed Ujjwal Nikam, one of the lead lawyers in the 26/11 case and BJP's candidate for Mumbai's north central seat, for suppressing the facts about Karkare's death.

Mumbai ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and senior police officer Ashok Kamte were killed outside Mumbai's Cama Hospital when Ajmal Kasab and Abu Ismail opened fire at their police van.

"Nikam is not a lawyer, but a traitor," stated Wadettiwar on Sunday, adding that "Karkare was not killed by bullets of terrorists like Ajmal Kasab, but by the bullet of a cop close to the Sangh."

"Nikam suppressed this evidence before the special court to save the officer," the Congress leader added further.

BJP, Shiv Sena Slam Wadettiwar

In response to the Congress leader's remarks, BJP approached the Election Commission of India against Wadettiwar and stated that his statement undermines national security. The leader has also been accused of playing the communal card and for making a "dangerously anti-national" statement.

In its statement to the EC, BJP called Wadettiwar's statement "highly obnoxious, derogatory, false, and malicious". The party also added that the 26/11 terror attacks were "shamelessly trivialized and ridiculed" by the Congress leader.

"In sheer contempt of the Indian judiciary also, (Mr Wadettiwar ) has leveled highly objectionable insinuations against the RSS, without a shred of evidence to support his preposterous claim. Ramifications of these statements are not only confined to domestic politics, but it has potential to be exploited by countries who are infamous for sponsoring cross border terrorism from their soil," the statement added further.

Maharashtra's deputy Chief Minister Devandra Fadnavis also responded to the statement and said that the Opposition is "worried about Ajmal Kasab".

"As per opposition leader Vijay Waddetiwar, Ujjwal Nikam insulted Kasab. Kasab terrorised the city and the Congress is worried about him. Mahayuti is supporting Ujjwal Nikam and MVA is supporting Kasab. Now you decide who you should vote for," stated the deputy CM.

Former Congress leader Milind Deora, who was an MP in 2008 at the time of the terror attacks also condemned the "shameful statement".

Ajmal Kasab was the only one of the 10 Pakistani terrorists who was caught alive after the 26/11 attacks. Kasab was placed in a Mumbai jail for four years and ultimately hanged in Pune in November 2012.

Following the outrage, Wadettiwar has justified his comments and cited the book Who Killed Karkare by retired police officer SM Mushrif, in which he claims the details of Karkare's death have been penned down,

Ujjwal Nikam Reacts To Congress Leader's Calling Him A 'Traitor'

"I am surprised, How can an opposition leader of a political party make such baseless claims? That too without any proof," stated Nikam in response to Wadettiwar's remarks.

The BJP candidate added that Ajmal Kasab had admitted in his judicial confession that he and Abu Ismail had opened fire when exiting Cama Hospital and shot three police officers who were inside a car.

The advocate added that this statement has been made for "political gains and to create confusion in the mind of people".