After Vanessa Dougnac, Another French Journalist 'Forced' To Leave India | Details

After Vanessa Dougnac in February, another French Journalist Sébastien Farcis has stated that his journalist permit was denied renewal, forcing him to leave the country and return to Paris.

Sebastian Farcis

French Journalist Sébastien Farcis, who has been working form India for the past 13 years, has stated that his journalist permit was denied renewal. Alleging "incomprehensible censorship", Farcis added that he has been forced to leave the county and return to France.

Sébastien has been working as a South Asia correspondent for Radio France Internationale, Radio France, Linration and Swiss and Belgian public radios. Since 2011, he has carried out his role as a correspondent from India.

Taking to X, the French journalist stated that the Indian authorities have denied him a permit to continue his work as a journalist in India and has been "forced" to leave Delhi and return to Patis.

“Three months ago, on 7th March, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) denied the renewal of my journalist permit, preventing me from practising my profession and depriving me of all my income. No reason has been provided to justify this work ban, despite formal and repeated requests made to the MHA. I have tried to appeal also, but to no avail so far,” stated Farcis on X. He left India on June 17.

Alleging censorship from the Indian government, the journalist added that he had all the necessary visas and accreditation for his permit to be renewed.

"I have respected the regulations imposed in India for foreign journalists and never worked in restricted or protected areas without a permit,” he added in his statement.

Farcis expressed his disappointment in leaving India, which he claims as his "second homeland". He added that he is married to an Indian and also held the status of Overseas Citizen of India.

"I am therefore deeply attached to India, which has become my second homeland. But with no more work nor income, my family has been pushed out of India without explanation, and uprooted overnight for no apparent reason.”

Farcis' case is the second such incident reported. In February 2024, another French journalist, Vanessa Dougnac, claimed that the Ministry of Home Affairs had canceled her OCI card for "creating a biased negative perception" of India through her work as a South Asia correspondent.

Farcis added that at least five OCI journalists have been banned from working in India in less than two years.

The Indian government is yet to respond or comment on the matter. As per Liberation, the company Farcis works with, have already reached out the Indian embassy for answers regarding the denial of the permit.