'Bharat Vadya Darshanam': Ensemble Of 78 Instrumentalists Gear Up For Musical Welcoming Of World Leaders At G20 Summit

The performance 'Bharat Vadya Darshanam:Musical Journey of India' by the 'Gaandharva Aatodyam' group will be showcased during the ceremonial dinner that will hosted by President Droupadi Murmu in the honour of G20 leaders on September 9, officials said.

The illuminated 'Bharat Mandapam' at Pragati Maidan in Delhi

India, a country brimming with enriching history and heritage in the realm of classical music is all set to stage a world-class welcome performance during the ceremonial dinner of the much coveted G20 Summit on September 9 in New Delhi. To make the attending world leaders more intimately familiar with the musical diversity of the country, an ensemble of virtuoso instrumentalists will be bringing forward the various styles and disciplines of Indian classical and contemporary music.

About the ensemble: Gaandharva Aatodyam

According to the officials, the performance 'Bharat Vadya Darshanam:Musical Journey of India' will be staged by the 'Gaandharva Aatodyam' group.

From santoor, saranagi to  jal tarang and shehnai- the musical treat conceptualised by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, will encompass several quintessential Indian classical instruments accompanying with a range of pominent 'gharanas' including Hindustani, Carnatic folk and contemporary music.

According to the official brochure, the ensemble includes 34 Hindustani musical instruments, 18 Carnatic musical instruments and 26 folk musical instruments from across India. The 78 artistes include 11 children, 13 women, six differently-abled (divyang) artistes, 26 young men and 22 professionals, the brochure says.

"This journey will take us through all parts of India through their representative music. Our co-traveller will be the 'Gaandharva Aatodyam' with an ensemble of 78 traditional  instrumentalists from all over the country," the official brochure reads.

"This pioneering programme \Rcelebrates the rich tapestry of Bharat’s musical heritage, bringing together virtuoso instrumentalists who infuse their unique styles into a mesmerising symphony of sounds. With this innovative blend, the ensemble not only showcases the cultural depth of India but also creates an auditory experience that transcends regional boundaries ," it says.

About the performance

The performance will begin with compositions of Vilambit Laya (slow tempo), followed by Madhya Laya (medium fast tempo), ending with few scores in Druta Laya (fast tempo), officials said.

"We will immerse in some of the most ancient Vedic musical instruments, tribal instruments, folk instruments alongside classical musical instruments creating a beautiful soundscape. The participating musicians too are hailing from different regions of India, playing an array of traditional instruments in their traditional attire," it adds.

The musicians will play instruments in traditional attires of the region they belong to, officials said, adding, this first-of-its-kind initiative ensemble exemplifies the power of music in celebrating the country's diverse artistic expressions in a truly aesthetic manner.

The G20 Leaders' Summit is slated to be held at the newly-built international convention and exhibition centre -- Bharat Mandapam -- at Pragati Maidan from September 9-10.