Thursday, Jun 30, 2022
Communist Cadre

Unfailing Commitment Of CPI(M) Red Brigades

A deep dive into the lives of three cadres from the Communist Party of India (Marxist) with an unending passion for the party, and the risks they undertake at the cost of personal safety.

Mass appeal ­Crowds at the Left Front public rally to counter the TMC at Brigade Parade grounds, Kolkata Photographs: Getty Images

“Kadry reshaiut vse,” the Soviet Union’s one-time supreme leader Joseph Stalin’s famous 1935 slogan has been alternately translated into English as ‘cadres decide everything’ on ‘cadres are the key’. The difference is fine but noteworthy.

If the first is to be closer in essence to the original, one might question if it was meant more for lip-service than with real intent for practice. If the second translation is to be considered, there can perhaps be no argument over the fact that cadres are, indeed, the key to political parties. Communist parties worldwide have all been cadre-based parties.