Friday, Jul 01, 2022
Bengali Cinema

The Ghost As A Metaphor In Bengali Cinema

Bengali cinema has a rich tradition of ghosts and spirits, though, unlike in Bengali literature, most of these are benevolent or funny and rarely scary

Jeepers creepers (from left) Banchharamer Bagan; Goopy Gyne, Bagha Byne; idols of ghosts being made

Thirteen minutes before the end of the one-hour-and-55-minute-long film, the husband, who had gone mad since his wife went missing some months ago, incidenta­lly reaches a spot along a ghat on the Hooghly river from which a skeleton had just been recovered. He runs to the skeleton, grabs and hugs it crazily, and draws it onto his lap. He identifies it as his wife Tarala’s by the bangle on its wrist that had his name embossed on it. He refuses to let go of his ‘wife’.

The family friend, a doctor who had driven him to the spot, agrees to take the skeleton back with them and the locals don’t object to it. The skeleton would be of best use to a doctor, they agree.