Friday, Jul 01, 2022
Occult science

Meet The Desi Ghostbusters

With its overload of superstition, myths, ghosts and evil spirits, the Indian market for ghost hunters is niche. But social media may have finally given it wings

The Conjuring (clockwise from top) Deepak Verma, Waqar Raj, Siddharth Bantwal, Rajesh Meena, Sagar T

It was 2015. Siddharth Bantval of the Indian Paranormal Society (IPS), a group of ecc­e­ntric professionals, got a call, claiming that some par­anormal activities had been det­ected in a house. Bantval and his team rushed to set up their equipm­ent in the house—CCTV cameras, electro­magnetic field (EMF) meters, night vision cameras, IR torches etc. They were told that objects get displaced from their original places, the TV is put on, light flickers and some strange and ghostly noises are heard by the family living there.

“We set up CCTV cameras in their bedroom and started tracking the visuals, but all of a sudden the camera pushed and somebody locked us inside the room. I had only spent a year in IPS, and I was sca­red,” said Bantval. “But before we started this, we had also asked some questions, the responses to which were inconsistent. So we surmised that the resid­e­nts are disturbed.”