Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’ Review: Docuseries Answers Whether The Popular Socialite Was Jeffrey Epstein's Shadow Or Victim

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Lionsgate Play has come up with a new docuseries on the life of the popular British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. Is the 3-part ‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’ worth a watch? Read the full review to find out.

'Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?' Review
'Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?' Review Instagram


Erica Gornall

What’s The Story

Based on the life of a former British socialite and daughter of one of the biggest media tycoons, Robert Maxwell, ‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’ is an upcoming true-crime docuseries about the socialite turned sex offender herself and follows her journey as she spiralled down, landing herself in serious trials for helping American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein abuse and sexually exploit underage girls. The docuseries promises to be filled with eye-opening and shocking details about her personal life along with insights from close friends and co-workers who’ve never spoken publicly before about her personality.

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What’s Good

The Detailing Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Life Is Brilliant

The star of the docuseries is its direction and writing by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Erica Gornall. The amount of detailing she has managed to bring in a 3-episodic show is brilliant. She has not only shown the life of Ghislaine Maxwell before she met Jeffrey Epstein but also how her lifestyle changed after meeting him. Gornall has managed to get people talking their hearts out, some of whom hadn’t opened up on camera in the past 20 years about the case, despite being closely associated with it. The harrowing tales of the people who were either victims or unknowingly participants in Maxwell’s wrongdoings are what makes this one of the best docuseries to watch in today’s times.

Colin Mixon’s editing is crisp and near perfect. It’s not easy to get so much detailing into a 3-episodic docuseries and Mixon has managed to get in all the details and yet keep it entertaining to the very last frame. The presentation of the events is done so nicely that as an audience you will constantly be swaying in your opinion about whether Maxwell was a victim herself or was she just a shadow of Jeffrey Epstein.

The cinematography by Erica Gornall, Ian Moubayed, Omar Mullick, and Beau Molloy also needs to be complimented. They’ve each managed to shoot different sections of the series, yet managed to keep a seamless flow of events. Despite a lot of shots being handheld and taken from different sources, as a viewer you’re never strained in your eyes because of this smooth execution scene by scene.

What’s Bad

Background Score Should Have Been Better

The background score of the entire show could have been a bit more thrilling. After all, the lineup of events in front of you is interesting to bits but had the BGM been a bit more exciting, as an audience, you would have felt right there in the moment.


A lot of people in India knew about a high-profile case of a British socialite having reached its verdict in a sex offence case last year, but not many knew the details of what actually happened which led to that day. ‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’ helps to answer pretty much all the questions that one would have in their minds about this much-talked-about case. Erica Gornall has come up with one of the best docuseries of this year. If you’re into documentaries and docuseries’ or are just curious about the Ghislaine Maxwell-Jeffrey Epstein case, this is a perfect show for you. It’s indeed a Must Watch. I am going with 4 stars.