Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Malayalam Director Liju Krishna Confesses To Sexual Assault Charges Against Him

Debutant Malayalam director Liju Krishna was accused of sexual assault by a woman from his film crew a few days back. The filmmaker has confessed to the alleged crime now.

Director Liju Krishna
Director Liju Krishna Instagram - @liju_krishna

During preliminary interrogation, debutant film director Liju Krishna, who was arrested in connection with a woman's sexual assault, confessed to the crime, as informed by the police.

The police discovered that Liju had stayed with the complainant and that the two had visited the locations mentioned in the woman's complaint. The survivor will be brought before a magistrate and her private statement will be recorded in front of a judicial officer.

Following the recording of the statement, the police would take Liju into custody for further questioning and evidence gathering.

The woman filed a complaint with the Info Park police station, and the director was arrested as a result. However, the sexual assault took place in a flat within the Thrikkakara police station's jurisdiction. As a result, the Thrikkakara police will be in charge of the investigation.

On Monday, Liju appeared in court and was remanded in custody. The shooting of his film, which he directed, was also halted immediately.

The victim had posted on social media about her relationship with Liju and the sexual assault she had suffered at his hands.

The survivor stated that she had contributed to the film's script and assisted in its production. In addition, she wrote dialogues, scripted song sequences, and corresponded with a company regarding the purchase of the film via letter. However, the survivor claimed that she received no professional recognition for carrying out all of these duties.