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Celebrate Chandrayaan 3’s Landing On The Moon With These Outer Space And Sci-Fi Titles

Every Indian across the world is quite literally over the moon with joy. As you enjoy this historic moment of India’s Chandrayaan 3 landing safely on the surface of the moon, here are a few outer space and sci-fi titles on Audible that you must listen to right now.

Chandrayaan 3 Lands Successfully On The Moon

We are over the moon, quite literally with Chandrayaan 3’s historic landing on the moon. If this has ignited your fascination with space exploration, then we’re here to take you on an astronomical ride. Tag along as we celebrate this remarkable achievement, venturing into the depths of the cosmos with these titles that promise an out-of-the-world escape.

From asteroid encounters and astronauts to captivating science fiction and intergalactic conflicts, these narratives on Audible allow you to journey through the wonders of space from the comfort of your own world. Check them out right now:

‘Apollo 1’

Written by: Ryan S Walters Narrated by: Kevin Kenerly

Revisit Apollo’s first moon landing when astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee entered a new spacecraft atop a colossal Saturn rocket at Florida's Kennedy Space Center. Little did they know, this routine rehearsal would seal their fate, never allowing them to leave the craft alive. The Apollo 1 disaster could have shattered the space dream, but instead, it spurred a complete spacecraft overhaul that propelled humanity toward its ultimate goal: moonwalking. ‘Apollo 1’ unfurls the gripping story of these audacious astronauts, the calamity that struck them, and the transformative aftermath.

‘Asteroid: Discovery’

Written by: Bobby Akart Narrated by: Chris Abernathy

The gripping trilogy from a master storyteller - Bobby Akart, the Gunner Fox series begins with Asteroid: Discovery. Gunner Fox, a United States Air Force fighter pilot and Earth scientist discovers an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. In the history of our planet, five extinction-level events have occurred caused by asteroids. Gunner Fox serves up evidence for the astonishing fragility and unpredictability of life. It is a testament to the reality that everything we have can be diminished at the mercy of invisible forces, the very forces that made our existence possible a few hundred thousand years ago.

‘The Space Pioneers’

Written by: Carey Rockwell Narrated by: Charles Constant

The Space Cadets Tom Corbett, Roger Manning, and the big Venusian Astro have triumphed over all kinds of interplanetary challenges including pirates, rogue reactors, and hostile environments. The cadets find themselves in a formidable situation when they’re assigned to lead a ‘wagon train’ of ships to colonize a distant world. After Captain Strong departs abruptly under awkward circumstances, Tom and his pals get entangled in a secret plot involving a belligerent scientist, a suspicious politician, and a planetary anomaly that crashes spaceships. As the clock is ticking, the cadets can either solve this mystery fast or face unforeseen circumstances.

‘Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Vengeance’

Written by: Cavan Scott Narrated by: Emily O'Brien

There isn’t a sci-fi lover who isn’t a fan of Star Wars, this enthralling starry adventure is set in the world of the High Republic, 150 years prior to the Phase 1 story: The Light of Jedi. Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Vengeance is a story encapsulating the journey of a bunch of fortune-seeking explorers, enigmatic followers, and valiant Jedi whose intersecting paths on the planet Dalna will set them on a collision course that will inundate the High Republic for centuries to come.

‘The Infinite Miles’

Written by: Hannah Fergesen Narrated by: Sarah Beth Goer

The Infinite Miles is a wacky sci-fi odyssey wrapped with elements of friendship, time travel, and intergalactic wars. Three years after her best friend Peggy went missing, Harper Starling is overwhelmed by dealing with the loss of a close friend in her life. Traveling through time with the help of a superhero she learns about Peggy’s final days before death. Harper is faced with a new challenge - an alien enemy called Incarnate - who has destroyed several solar systems. Harper is stuck in 1971 and has to find a way to end Incarnate’s tyranny. This gripping tale takes us through grim and unforeseeable circumstances Harper is put up with as she has to battle with the enemy Incarnate without the help of Argonaut - the main character of Infinite Odyssey.