He's 'Absolutely Right, Batsmen Shouldn't Be Cheating': Ponting Now On Same Page With Ashwin

Ahead of IPL 2020 in the UAE, Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting has found the logic in Ravichandran Ashwin's 'mankading' rationale

He's 'Absolutely Right, Batsmen Shouldn't Be Cheating': Ponting Now On Same Page With Ashwin

Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting says he is on the "same page" as off-spinner R Ashwin regarding running out non-strikers for backing up too far before a ball is delivered. (More Cricket News)

Ashwin, who was in the spotlight last IPL after dismissing Jos Buttler during a Kings XI Punjab versus Rajasthan Royals encounter, did something that his current IPL coach didn't endorse.

However, Ashwin and Ponting have had an open discussion here over the mode of dismissal and by the former Australian captain's own admission, they have reached a common ground.

"He (Ashwin) made me get on a podcast with him when I first arrived here to have a good open chat about it," Ponting told ''.

"I think we're both on the same page. He feels he did everything in the rules and laws of the game and he's absolutely right," Ponting said.

In fact, Ponting found logic in Ashwin's rationale.

"He's saying, 'What if it's the last ball of the IPL, what if I'm bowling and the batting teams needs two runs to win and the non-striker is charging halfway down the wicket? What do you expect me to do'?

"There's an argument there as well, but as I said to him, I would expect that he would hold on to the ball and not Mankad and tell the batsman to stay in his crease next time and see if he's good enough to try and close the game out for us."

The batting great, however, made it clear that there is no place for "cheating" which is the case when non-strikers tend to back up too far.

"It shouldn't get to that stage anyway, batsmen shouldn't be cheating. That's what batsmen are doing, batsmen are actually cheating by trying to steal a yard or two here or there. It's something that needs to be addressed."

Ponting reiterated the need for a run penalty for offenders.

"I think something has to happen with the laws of the game to make sure batsmen can't cheat and there certainly shouldn't be the ........ rule the way it is," he said.

"I think if you bring in some sort of run penalty for the batsman if they're deliberately leaving their crease and pinching ground that might be the way to go about it.

"I'm sure those discussions are happening at the moment because I don't think it's a good look on the game.

"I think something is going to have to change," Ponting signed off.