Who Is Kapil Sangwan? Wanted UK Criminal Suspected In Killing Of INLD Chief Rathee

Kapil Sangwan, also known as Nandu, is wanted by the police for being involved in 18 cases. These cases include serious charges like murder, attempted murder, extortion, robbery, and breaking the Arms Act.


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Kapil Sangwan, also known as Nandu is a wanted criminal from the United Kingdom and the police are investigating his involvement in the killing of Nafe Singh Rathee, the chief of the Haryana unit of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD).

Rathee and his associate Jai Kishan were shot and killed in Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, on Sunday.

Who is Kapil Sangwan?

  • Kapil Sangwan, also known as Nandu, is wanted by the police for being involved in 18 cases. These cases include serious charges like murder, attempted murder, extortion, robbery, and breaking the Arms Act.

  • The police in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan are looking for him under the MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act).

  • Kapil, originally from Najafgarh in Delhi, dropped out of a hotel management course at a university in Haryana's Manesar.

  • The Delhi Police is offering a reward of Rs 2 lakh for information leading to his arrest.


  • According to PTI, Sangwan shot and killed his rival Manjeet Mahal's father, Shri Krishna, at his home in Nazafgarh in 2017.

  • According to Sangwan's record, he started getting into trouble in September 2014 with an extortion case in Delhi's Chhawla area.

  • He faced charges for attempting murder in Chhawla in November 2014, and during the same month, he was part of a robbery in Haryana's Jind.

  • Police reportedly say Sangwan has a quick temper and is trigger-happy. Between 2014 and 2016, he was apparently involved in at least 12 crimes in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

  • A police officer told PTI that Sangwan had been arrested by the Rajasthan Police in Jaipur on April 29, 2016, along with five others – Sachin, Gulshan, Gajraj, Pankaj, and Paramjeet.

  • In 2019, the Delhi Police Special Cell charged him under MCOCA, according to the dossier.

  • However, in 2020, Sangwan managed to escape to the United Kingdom when he got a one-month release from jail, the officer said.

  • He got a fake passport from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and left for Dubai through Thailand before settling in the UK.

  • The Delhi Police Special Cell has also filed a case against him for cheating and forgery, related to obtaining a fake passport and leaving the country, the officer added.


  • Another officer told the media that when Sangwan got a temporary release from jail as his friends organized a big welcome party in a farmhouse in Najafgarh. However, the Delhi Police Crime Branch raided the place before Sangwan could arrive.

  • According to reports, Sangwan's gang includes members like Vipin (also known as Judu), Anil Sharma (also known as Podi), Vicky (also known as Khadu), Amit Dahiya, Prashant Gullia, Vasudev (also known as Vasu), and Krishna Kumar (also known as Ankush).

  • The officer mentioned that Sangwan has become well-known for demanding money from business people in southwest Delhi.

  • Currently, his group is mainly involved in cases of demanding money and carrying out contract killings, he added.

Why did he allegedly kill Nafe Singh Rathee?

On a social media post, Sangwan claimed he was responsible for shooting Rathee and Kishan. The police is currently investigating this post from Wednesday.

The post mentioned that Rathee was targeted because he was close friends with Sangwan's rival, gangster Manjeet Mahal. It included a picture of Rathee shaking hands with Mahal.

A Delhi Police officer explained that Sangwan and Mahal, both from Najafgarh, have been in a conflict since 2015 when Mahal and his group allegedly killed Sangwan's brother-in-law, Sunil, also known as 'Doctor'.


Further PTI reports revealed that Sangwan followed the instructions of his older brother, Jyoti Prakash, also known as Baba, who is currently in Tihar jail and gathered a team of his friends to seek revenge.

They targeted and killed Nafe Singh, known as ‘Mantri,’ who was a close associate of Mahal, according to the officer.

Jyoti Prakash and Sangwan together form the notorious Kapil-Jyoti Baba gang.

Jyoti Prakash is dealing with more than a dozen cases, including charges of murder, attempted murder, extortion, and possessing illegal weapons, the officer mentioned. Both brothers are closely connected with liquor barons in Rajasthan and Gujarat, he added.