Rajasthan: Muslim Man Lynched Over Suspicion Of Stealing Wood; Forest Officials, Locals Among Accused

The victim, identified as Waseem, met an untimely demise as he succumbed to injuries sustained during the alleged assault.

Protest against mob lynchings in India

In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through Rajasthan, a young Muslim individual tragically lost his life due to a brutal assault allegedly perpetrated by forest officials and local residents. The incident unfolded under the cover of night in Narol village, situated within the Harsora police station jurisdiction in the Kotputli – Behror district.

The victim, identified as Waseem, met an untimely demise as he succumbed to injuries sustained during the alleged assault. Accompanied by his companions, Asif and Azharuddin, Waseem was subjected to this shocking attack that left him fatally injured. A Meo Muslim, Waseem leaves behind a grieving family consisting of his wife and four children, one of whom is specially-abled, according to media reports.

The nightmarish incident occurred during what should have been a routine task. The trio had journeyed to Rampur village in Bansur to collect wood on the 17th of August. As the clock neared 10 PM, the news of forest officials' patrol prompted their hasty return. However, fate took a dark turn as they were intercepted by a group of assailants, purportedly comprising both forest officials and local residents.

In a grim tableau, Waseem's group found themselves surrounded. Several individuals disembarked from a JCB vehicle, while others emerged from a Forest Department jeep. The ensuing attack was merciless and violent, leaving Waseem and his companions severely injured. They recounted how they were pummeled with iron rods, wooden sticks, and sharp weapons. Even the presence of police failed to deter the assailants, as the assault persisted even in the presence of law enforcement.

Family members of the deceased assert that this tragedy was fueled by baseless rumors, claiming that the victims were involved in cow smuggling. Waseem's brother passionately demands justice for his sibling, urging authorities to hold those responsible for this heinous act accountable.

The incident has triggered a wave of political criticism, with the Opposition BJP vehemently condemning the state government's handling of law and order. Union Minister Kailash Choudhary expressed his distress over the situation, characterizing the state's governance as 'crippled' and highlighting a perceived breakdown in law enforcement under Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

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