PM Modi 'Biggest Nurture Of Corruption' In Country: AAP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was called the "biggest nurturer of corruption in the country" by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday.

PM Narendra Modi

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the graft issue, calling him the "biggest nurturer of corruption" in the country.
The remarks by AAP MP Sanjay Singh come a day after Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Ajit Pawar, along with eight others from the party, joined the Eknath Shinde-led Maharashtra government.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not take action against the corrupt. He is the biggest nurturer of corruption in the country. The biggest example of this is Ajit Pawar who was made deputy chief minister in the Maharashtra government," Singh said.  
The Rajya Sabha MP was addressing a gathering of AAP workers here.
"After returning from the US, the Prime Minister had in a speech said that he will take action against the corrupt. But in the BJP government, all the corrupt are being given posts. Some are being made deputy CM and some are being made in charge of assembly elections," Singh said.
He also termed the BJP as the 'Bharatiya Jhagda Party'. "BJP has become the party which instigates the most number of quarrels in the has become the Bharatiya Jhagda party," he said.
Singh also alleged that BJP has no work to do in the name of education and development as it only works to "make people of different religions fight with each other as also the poor and the rich".
The senior AAP leader also attacked the BJP over the issue of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). 
"When 10 months are left for the (Lok Sabha) elections, BJP is talking about bringing UCC, while for nine years nothing was done on this issue. Before bringing the UCC, there must be a consensus among the people of all religious communities. In such a situation, the BJP is only doing a gimmick," Singh claimed.
Taking a jibe at Modi's "friendship" with (Gautam) Adani, he alleged that the pair of "Gujarati friends" dominate every sector in the country, and claimed that PM Modi's slogan is, "You vote for me, I will give the whole country to Adani".
Singh said AAP is the only party in the country that is free from corruption and asserted that it has to be strengthened in Uttar Pradesh and appealed to the party workers to connect with the people in a big way.

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