PM Modi Approves India's First Rs 561 Crore Urban Flood Mitigation Project- Here's All You Need To About It

The approval of the ambitious urban flood mitigation project by PM Narendra Modi came at a time when Chennai is grappling with the devastating aftermath of deluge.

Chennai inundated in flood water. (Representational Image)

In light of Chennai's precarious situation in terms of grappling with the devastating aftermath of the deluge, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday approved India's maiden urban flood mitigation project worth Rs 561 crore under the National Disaster Mitigation Fund (NDMF).

Chennai's current situation explicitly represents the increasing vulnerability of India's urban landscape to sudden and severe flooding due to excessive rainfall.

All about the Urban Flood Mitigation Project

The ambitious project of  Rs. 500 crore, is primarily designed to improvise the city's defenses against the recurrent threat of floods.

The 'Integrated Urban Flood Management activities for Chennai Basin Project' represents a proactive measure to address the challenges posed by urban flooding.

It is designed to enhance Chennai's resilience to such natural disasters by implementing comprehensive flood management strategies.

The project will focus on improving the city's infrastructure to better manage excessive rainwater, thereby reducing the risk of flooding and minimizing the impact on residents' lives and livelihoods.

This project is the first of its kind, setting a precedent for urban flood mitigation efforts across India. It is expected to serve as a model for developing a broader framework that can be adapted to safeguard other metropolitan areas facing similar risks.

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