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Odisha Train Tragedy: People Line Up To Donate Blood For Injured

Odisha Train Tragedy: People Line Up To Donate Blood For Injured

Odisha government has declared a day of mourning on Saturday in the wake of the train derailment that has left 233 people dead until now, while over 900 injured.

Odisha Train Accident
Odisha Train Accident Photo: AP

People showed up spirit after the heart wrenching train accident in Odisha’s Balasore.

The people queued up to donate blood for the injured in the horrific accident, said a report in NDTV. 

The train accident, one of the deadliest in India has claimed over 233 lives until now 

Meanwhile, the Odisha government has declared a day of mourning on Saturday in the wake of the train derailment.

Colonel SK Dutta, Indian Army said that a rescue operation is underway since last night and more army personnel will be coming from Kolkata.

"We are continuously engaged (in rescue operations) since last night. More columns (of army) are coming from Kolkata," report quoted  Colonel SK Dutta.

The report quoting officials said a total of around 200 ambulances; including 167 of 108 fleets and over 20 governemnt ambulances have been deployed at the spot, along with 45 Mobile Health Teams.

It added: “In addition to this, 50 additional doctors along with a team of 25 doctors from SCB have also been mobilised.”

It said forensic medicine specialists (FMT) mobilized from PRM MCH, Baripada and SCB MCH have bee deployed for supervising dead body disposal.

The Director of Health Services, along with the Director of Blood Safety, Additional DMET and three other Additional Directors are at Balasore and coordinating with the health teams, it said.

It added senior Commandant, NDRF, said that six teams have been working since last night.

"Our 6 teams are working here since last night. Our dog squad, and medical team are also engaged in the rescue operation," the report quoted Jacob Kispotta, Senior Commandant, NDRF as having said.

The report quoting Odisha government officials said one bogie that has been severely damaged is left and efforts are underway to cut the bogie.

"One bogie which is severely damaged is left; NDRF, ODRAF and Fire Service are still working to cut the bogie and try to recover the living or the dead,” the report quoted officials as having said.

It also said  the bodies are being handed over to the families of those who died on producing identity documents.

"This mission is getting a little more difficult because the train is so badly damaged. The Railway Board Chairman, NDRF chief and DM are there on the site. The injured victims are being treated at both private and government hospitals. Autopsy has also started at some places," the report quoted officials as having said. 

It added: "The bodies that have been identified are their family are producing the documents are being given the body. If a body does not get identified then the necessary procedure will be followed for autopsy and further action."

Several coaches of the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express derailed near Bahanaga station in Odisha's Balasore after hitting a goods train.



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