Kuwait Fire Accident: Kerala Death Toll Rises To 24; Bodies Charred Beyond Identification, DNA Test Needed

Due to the intensity of the fire, officials have stated that the bodies of the victims have been charred beyond identification.

Bodies Of VIcitms Charred Beyond Identification, Officials To Conduct DNA Testing Photo: AP

A deadly fire in an apartment building in Kuwait killed 49 people, of which around 42 were Indian nationals. Due to the intensity of the fire, officials have stated that the bodies of the victims have been charred beyond identification.

As per Union Minister of State for External Affairs Kirti Vardhan Singh, officials will be using DNA testing to identify the victims.

The newly sworn-in MoS and Gonda MP rushed to the Gulf after the tragedy on Wednesday. Upon his arrival, Singh stated that the Air Force will help in bringing the bodies back home.

"As soon as the bodies are identified, their kin will be informed and our Air Force plane will bring the bodies back," stated the Minister of State.

Kerala Death Toll Rises To 24

The death toll of Indian national from Kerala has increased to 24. As of Wednesdya morning, this toll stood at 19. As per the state government and health minister Dr Veena George, of the 24 Keralites, only 15 have been identified.

The deceased have been named as -

  1. Deni Raphael from Ernakulam

  2. Shameer from Kollam

  3. Akash from Pathanamthitta

  4. Muraleedharan Nair from Pathanamthitta

  5. Saju Varghese from Pathanamthitta

  6. Stephen Abraham from Kottayam

  7. Lukose from Velichikkal

  8. Sajan George from Kollam

  9. Kelu Ponmuleri from Kasaragod

  10. Renjith from Kasaragod

  11. Thomas Ummachan from Pathanamthitta

  12. Viswas Krishna from Kannur

  13. Noohu from Malappuram

  14. Bahuleyan from Malappuram

  15. Sreehari Prasad from Kottayam.

Officials from the Indian Government - External Affairs Minister of State Kirti Vardhan Singh and Kerala Health Minister fled to Kuwait following the tragedy.

The officials will remain there to work with the Kuwaiti government in relief operations and to ensure the repatriation of the mortal remains of all Indian nationals killed in the Mangalf fire.

Kuwait Fire Kills 49 Foreigners, Injured Over 50

On Wednesday, a fire broke out in a six-storey building at 6 AM local time. As per officials, nearly 200 people were residing in the building at the time of the fire.

The official death toll has increased from 41 to 49, of which around 42 are assumed to be Indian Nationals. The remaining victims have been identified as Pakistani, Egyptian, Filipino and Nepali nationals.

The fire also left over 50 people injured. The Emir Of Kuwait has expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and directed a probe into the cause of the fire.

Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minsiter and Interior Minister has accused the building owners of "greed" and for violating safety laws that could have prevented this fire. Following this tragic incident, the interior minister has called for an urgent investigation which has already shut down around seven basements and issued 13 violations to multiple buildings in the Gulf state