Case Filed Against Umer Faizi Mukkam Over 'Loose Morals' Comment on Women Without Hijab

Legal action unfolds in Kerala as Muslim cleric Umer Faizi faces charges over alleged derogatory remarks about women without hijab, sparked by a televised debate and propelled by a complaint from women's rights activist VP Zuhara.


Karnataka High Court had earlier upheld the institutional ban on hijab.

A Kerala Muslim cleric, Umer Faizi Mukkam, is facing legal action over remarks he allegedly made during a televised debate on October 7, 2023. The cleric suggested that Muslim women without hijab have "loose morals." The case was filed following a complaint by women's rights activist VP Zuhara, who heads the NISA forum advocating for progressive Muslim women.

The Kerala Police registered a case against Umer Faizi under Sections 295A (outraging religious sentiments) and 298 (insulting religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The complaint was lodged by Zuhara three months ago, but the case was officially registered on Friday, with the reasons for the delay remaining unclear.


Umer Faizi's comment came in response to a controversial statement by CPI(M) leader Anil Kumar regarding the Uniform Civil Code in October 2023. Anil suggested that Muslim girls were abandoning hijab due to the influence of the CPI(M) in the state, a statement not endorsed by the party.

In protest against Umer Faizi's remarks, VP Zuhara removed her hijab on stage during an event on October 8. The event, inaugurating Kudumbashree's "Thirike Schoolil" campaign, saw Zuhara condemning the cleric's comments and expressing that hijab is no longer necessary for her, despite growing up wearing it.