'Needlessly Offended': Delhi Customs On Kashmiri Journalist Yana Mir's Claims Of 'Harassment' At Airport

Kashmiri journalist Yana Mir finds herself in a dispute with Delhi Customs at the airport, as officials counter her claim of being 'needlessly offended' during routine bag scanning.


Twitter/Yana Mir
Kashmiri journalist and activist Yana Mir Photo: Twitter/Yana Mir

The Delhi Customs responded to Kashmiri journalist and activist Yana Mir's claims of mistreatment during a bag scan at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport. Delhi Customs said Yana Mir was "needlessly offended" when she was asked to get her bags scanned, despite routine procedures for international passengers.

The Delhi Customs posted on social media, "Bag scanning of international passengers is done routinely. Ms. Yana Mir felt needlessly offended. Privileges are not above law. Footage tells the story." They also shared video footage supporting their statement.

Yana Mir countered, stating, "You can see CLEARLY IN THE FOOTAGE as soon as I was told to scan, I went to the machine. High-handed, arrogant, entitled government employees thought it's below their dignity to help me put the heavy suitcase on the machine or help me put it back in the trolley."


In response to Delhi Customs' posts, she mentioned, "Madam scan your bag, open your bag, why you have Louis Vuitton shopping bags? Did you pay for them? Where are the bills??? What Londoners think of me: INDIAN MEDIA WARRIOR. What Delhi customs thinks of me: Brand Smuggler."

This incident followed Yana Mir's speech in the UK Parliament denouncing Pakistan's propaganda against India. She emphasized being safe and free in Kashmir, a part of India, and criticized media members who fabricate stories without visiting the region.

"I am not a Malala Yusufzai, because I am free and safe in my country, India. In my homeland, Kashmir, which is part of India. I will never need to run and seek refuge in your country. I will never be a Malala Yusufzai but I object to Malala for defaming my country, my progressive homeland, by calling it oppressed," Yana Mir stated in the UK Parliament.