Monday, Dec 04, 2023

Dalit Woman Assaulted, Forced To Drink Urine After Her Refusal To Pay Extra Money To Lender In Bihar

Dalit Woman Assaulted, Forced To Drink Urine After Her Refusal To Pay Extra Money To Lender In Bihar

A Dalit woman was brutally assaulted, stripped naked, and beaten severely with sticks in Bihar’s Patna.

Members of West Bengal Samajik Nyay Manch protest rally against Dalit deaths during Bharat Bandh
Protest against Dalit atrocities.(File photo-Representational image) Getty Images

A Dalit woman has been allegedly stripped, beaten and forced to drink urine by a father-son duo in Bihar's Patna after she refused to pay them extra Rs 1,500 despite having already repaid their loan.

The reports said the victim received grievous injuries in the incident. She is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital, the reports said.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has responded decisively to the incident. He has issued clear instructions to the police and administration, emphasizing the need to treat such incidents as a top priority. Kumar assured reporters that strict measures would be taken against those responsible for the assault.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Patna), Rajeev Mishra, revealed that a determined manhunt is currently underway to apprehend a suspect who remains at large.

Mishra stated, "Our team is actively pursuing the accused in question." According to accounts from local witnesses, the unfortunate incident appears to be rooted in a financial dispute between the victim and her husband on one side and the accused on the other. The situation escalated, resulting in an outbreak of violence.

Importantly, Mishra clarified, "At this point, the allegations of disrobing and other related accusations have not been substantiated. Our ongoing investigations are still in their initial stages." The police have taken prompt action by submitting a compensation proposal to the district welfare officer for the benefit of the victim. It is also worth noting that the injured woman is currently receiving medical treatment.

Mishra affirmed the commitment of law enforcement to uncover the truth, stating, "We will thoroughly investigate any emerging facts as they come to light. At present, there is no concrete evidence to support claims of urination at the scene, and local witnesses have not corroborated this aspect either. However, we can confirm an incident where the woman was subjected to physical assault. Rest assured, we are diligently working towards the swift apprehension of the accused."

As per some reports, the accused, Pramod Singh, his son Anshu, and four other associates, went to the Dalit woman's house on Saturday night around 10 pm and forcibly took her to their house.

“She was brutally assaulted, stripped naked, and beaten severely with sticks. Pramod Singh then instructed his son to urinate in the woman's mouth,” reported India Today.

However, the victim managed to escape and returned to her home, the report said. 

“According to the complaint, the woman had borrowed Rs 1,500 on interest from Pramod Singh a few months ago and had returned the money with interest. Nevertheless, the accused continued to demand more money from her, which she refused to provide,” the report said.

“Pramod had threatened the woman, saying they would make her wander around the village naked if she didn't give them more money,” it said.

It is alleged that the woman had previously informed the police about the threats, but no action was taken, the report mentioned.

The incident has sparked unrest in the area, with the victim's family and the Dalit community demanding immediate action, it said.

The accused as per the reports are on run after the incident.