Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Says Wasn’t Allowed To Pay Respects To 2019 Pulwama Martyrs

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared video of his interaction with former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Mizoram.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said he was locked in a room when he went to the airport to pay respect to Pulwama martyrs.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi made these comments when he shared the video of his recent meeting with former J&K governor Satya Pal Malik on several issues including the Pulwama attack, the J&K situation, Adani and also going back to his earliest days in politics. 

Malik blamed the government's lapses for the 2019 Pulwama attack. 

In this interview, Malik reiterated the same. 

"I told two channels that it was our fault but I was asked to not say this anywhere...I thought my statements might impact the investigation, but there was no investigation. It was used for the purpose of election. On the third day, PM Modi gave his speech where he used it politically," Malik said.

"Why did the Pulwama incident happen? They had asked for 5 aircraft. Had he asked me, I would have given those right away. I provided aircraft to students stuck in the snow. It is easy to get aircraft on rent in Delhi. But their application was lying for four months in the home ministry. And then it was rejected. The CRPF personnel then took the road which was known to be unsafe," the former governor said.

As Rahul Gandhi shared the interview, he wrote, "Will this conversation create a stir amid ED-CBI?

“The explosive-laden truck that attacked the CRPF vehicle was roaming in the area for around 10-12 days…the explosives were sent from Pakistan. The driver and the owner of the vehicle had terrorist records. They were arrested and then released several times. But they were not on the radar of the intelligence,” Satya Pal Malik said.

Speaking on Pulwama, Rahul Gandhi said as soon as he learnt about the incident, he went to the airport to pay his respects to the martyrs. “I was locked inside a room. I felt like it was an event. PM Modi was there. I had to fight my way to get out of the room. It was quite distasteful,” Rahul Gandhi said.

On Adani, Satya Pal Malik told Rahul Gandhi that the government failed to keep its promise on MSP because Adani built huge godowns, purchased crops at a price. "Next year, their prices will increase and he will sell those. If MSP is implemented, a farmer won't sell his products to them at a cheaper rate," Satya Pal Malik said.

As the two leaders discussed the Manipur situation, Satya Pal Malik said the government has no control in Manipur. "But it is only for six months. I can give in writing. They will not come back to power," Satya Pal Malik said.