Saturday, Jul 02, 2022
Tamil Nadu

Cinema Paradiso: A Village Of Viral Movie Stars In Tamil Nadu

By the Kaveri river in central Tamil Nadu, entire population wakes up every day dreaming of cinematic stardom

Stardust Kalaiyarasan at his edit station

It takes a village to raise a child, goes the popular African proverb. In the digital era, one could adapt that to “It takes a village to raise a YouTube channel”, going by residents of Palamarneri village in Tamil Nadu.

The panchayat, located along the Kaveri river, about halfway between Tiruchirappalli and Tha­­njavur is a busy place these days, with every resident, from school-going children to grandmoms, carrying out designated tasks to run the­ir village themed channel, officially called Pal­­a­ma­arneri Panjayatu, but popular in the district as Cinema Village. This is where they sho­wcase their tale­nts, in dancing as well as farming.