Monday, Jul 04, 2022
Absurdist Humour

Theatre Of The Absurd: Reeling In The Droll

Ennui and anxiety seem to excite Gen Z’s obsession with droll videos of people doing ‘meaningless’ things

Photograph: Shutterstock

“I can do anything to make my followers laugh,” says Puneet Kumar aka Puneet Superstar, about the time he got three stitches on his forehead after he broke a matka (clay pot) on his head while making a video.

Meet the Delhi-based TikTok sensation, who­se style of comedy is strange—absurd, perhaps? His videos are profane. They seem to revolt aga­inst the strictures of daily life. Like the mat­ka he bro­ke on his head, in other videos, he sme­ars his face with toothpaste, with the sou­n­d­track sometimes carrying 1990s indie pop, sometimes just his “eer­ie voice”. Unlike other content creators, he doesn’t intend any meaning in his videos, though his content is consistent in its absurdity. For ins­tance, he makes videos wishing birthdays.