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3 Times New York Region Was Hit With Magnitude 5 Earthquakes In The Past 300 Years | Details

Rare seismic events have historically gripped the New York region, with only three instances of magnitude 5 earthquakes recorded over the past 300 years. Today's 4.8 magnitude quake serves as a reminder of the area's seismic activity.

New York Region Magnitude 5 Earthquakes Photo: Pexels

How rare are magnitude 5 earthquakes in the New York region? During a recent briefing, officials from the USGS emphasized the rarity of earthquakes of this magnitude occurring in this particular area. They highlighted that over the past 300 years, there have been only three instances of earthquakes near or above magnitude 5 striking near New York City:

December 19, 1737

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake caused chimneys to shake in the greater NYC area, and its effects were also felt in parts of Boston and Philadelphia, as reported by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

November 30, 1783

Another 5.1-magnitude quake occurred, with its tremors felt in New Jersey, and reports of people feeling it all the way from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania.

August 10, 1884

A 5.3-magnitude earthquake caused cracking in masonry throughout New York City and New Jersey, and its effects were felt as far as Maine to Virginia.

The earthquake that occurred today measured 4.8 on the magnitude scale.