Indonesia: Woman Tumbles Off Treadmill At Gym, Falls Out Of Window, Dies | Caught On Cam

The 22-year-old woman was also seen trying hard to hold on the sides of window before falling down three stories.

Screengrab from the gym's CCTV footage. Photo: X/@CollinRugg

In a horrifying incident captured on a gym's CCTV in Indonesia, a young was seen stumbling off a treadmill and falling out of a third-story window backwards.

While working out at the gym located in West Kalimantan's Pontianak, the 22-year-old woman tragically fell to her death, the New York Post reported.

In the row full of treadmills, she is seen working out near the end of the line, walking on the treadmill before she stopped. This led to the machine's belt moving her backwards, falling off it. The minute she is dropped off the machine, she stumbles further back and falls right out of the open window, which was directly behind her.

She was also seen trying hard to hold on the sides of window before falling down three storeys. Soon after her fall, she was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital with severe head injuries, however the doctors were unable to save her.

According to the post-mortem report, the 22-year-old woman suffered substantial bruising and cuts to her head. The NY Post reported that her identity was yet to be relieved, however as per local reports, she was someone aged 22.

As per reports, she had gone to the gym along with her boyfriend and a younger sibling. Her boyfriend had asked her to work out with him on the second floor, but she insisted on wanting to use the third floor's treadmill. She had just been exercising for 30 minutes before her fall.

The matter is being investigated by the Pontianak City Police's Criminal Investigation Unit. According to a local media report, Pontianak Police Commissioner Antonius Trias Kuncurojati said "the condition of the gym made it very easy for people to fall".

Police found that there was only a 60 cm distance between the treadmill and the window, which was 90 cm wide.

It was also said that other than the condition, the gym's window glasses were also only about a few milimetres thick. Kuncurojati had said that glasses used in such high-rise buildings should be thick, as it is safer of the building occupants.

The gym's owner also had said that the treadmill was not placed facing the window so as to not to make it boring for the users. The owner added that there were warning stickers for not opening the windows, but since it was replaced with one written using a marker, it was not clearly visible.

The police are also investigating the gym for a case of possible negligence, interviewing multiple witnesses and the fitness centre's operational permit/license.