Google News Down For Nearly 1 Hour; Netizens React To 'Ominous' Outage On Social Media

Though the main search engine is working properly, the "news" tab showed no results.

Screengrab of a user's desktop.

Google news services appeared to have stopped working suddenly on Friday, with users unable to see any results for their search requests. However, the services were restored nearly an hour later.

Though the main search engine was working properly, the "news" tab showed no results. The Google News page said, "Uh-oh! Something went wrong. Please try again."

Notably, the service was down for both desktop and mobile users.

As the outage took place across the globe, netizens began reacting to it over social media posts on the microblogging site X.

One of the users said, @googlenews looks like you haven’t posted anything in a about a year. Maybe you can post today and give us a status on your outage."

While another user said, "Generative AI returned zero too :-)"

A few social media users also said that Google news being broken felt "extremely ominous" to them.

Another user, funnily shared a gif over the situation, saying "C'mon, do something".

Another user, appearing to be a student, said, "Google News has broken, I consider this an assault against me personally -- I have an end of the week media summary to write."

Many users said that the Google News app was down on android and iPhones as well. "Not working Google news on Galaxy phone in panama," one said, while another said, The Google News app on iPhone is not working for me."

Another user said that non operationality of Google News was "hard to believe".

One of the key go-to options for searching or consuming news, for majority of the world, being down has led to massive reactions flooding social media as it is disrupting the Discover feed, trends feed and traffic search for several users.